Here are four bad habits to change when you’re cooking!

2022-09-20 0 By

Cooking is a common thing in our daily life, but a pot of food is not only related to the health of fried rice, but also related to the health of the family, many people have some small habits when cooking, this seems normal, but in fact, the consequences are very serious!Here are four cooking habits!1, do not brush the pot, then fry the seemingly clean pot surface attached to oil and food residue, heating again will produce carcinogens such as benzopyrene.When you finish cooking, do not wipe the pan, you will find that the food in your original pot is relatively easy to burn, and there is a certain risk of cancer.When the oil is smoking, the oil in the pan is broken down into trans fatty acids at high temperature.Trans fatty acids not only cause obesity, but also increase blood viscosity, prone to thrombosis, especially serious damage to the elderly with fragile blood vessel walls.If you use the oil many times, it will leave carcinogens, so it is best to use the oil only once.4, fry good dishes, immediately turn off the lampblack machine cooking, when the pan fire is particularly large, after food burning, there will be harmful substances released, especially easy to cause damage to the respiratory tract, but also may cause lung cancer, so after cooking, also need to use the lampblack machine to continue to run.