Can lebron’s points really offset his negative attitude on the defensive end?

2022-09-20 0 By

With the Lakers trailing by five points with less than a minute left in the fourth quarter, Lebron James once again didn’t get back on defense and didn’t even make a point of it. James’ misstep would have been hidden from the cameras if he hadn’t thrown it to the basket.I said before, James the just with simple data to the defensive end to ignore or even directly to give up the behavior of the damage to the team is great, appears to be 1 minus 1 equals 0, is 1 minus 1 less than zero, you rushed inside scored two points, then the defensive end don’t stretch out his hand, not only on prevention, let his teammates over and over again to play 5, 4 away game, clearly wanted to prevent, prevent hard,But there will always be a vacancy, that I work hard also has no meaning, slowly oneself also do not go hard to run, anyway I block up a hole, the hole or will be exposed at the other end.But the opponent can get one open spot after another, slowly develop the shooter’s hand feeling and the overall cross cutting, after all, are NBA players, 5 play 4 also can’t beat?That’s why the Lakers always lose to weak teams despite having so many 75s, why we always see the bench closing the score, lebron going up and crashing, the focus is on defense!To score the ball on the offensive end, you will not have to, passive defensive end, but no one alternative, is double injury to hurt yourself, and others to explain, says James to all-out offensive, strategic give up defense, that only the ignorant of the James ball fans said, in order to data, is really face all don’t!