Break the 1W1 barrier!He was the seventh man in the 2008 class!Does Danilo Gallinari’s title dream still have a chance

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At the end of the earlier eagle home game against the SAN Antonio spurs, the eagle veteran gallinari in 22 minutes, 4 of 11 shots, with 16 points and eight rebounds, also let their score above 10000 1 mark, become the 08 draft class 7 players to achieve this feat, the 33-year-old gallinari, shortly before the trade deadline once in trade rumors,At the time, teams including the Raptors and sixers expressed interest in him, but Gallinari expressed his loyalty to the Hawks and said he wanted to stay in Atlanta.And with the trade market officially closed, the Hawks did not choose to clear out the veteran, allowing him to stay.As the first round of the 08 xiu, 6 debuted in the knicks gallinari career, and in the New York team, gallinari also quickly won the reuse, in the third season career (10-11), had just hit 15.9 points and 4.8 rebounds in the knicks career best gallinari, also in a blockbuster deal case involves carmelo Anthony,Shipped to the Denver Highlands by the Knicks, Gallinari continued to play consistently, nearly breaking the 20-point mark in the 2015-16 season, when he averaged 19.5 points, 5.3 rebounds and 2.5 assists per game and was the Denver Athletics’ most dependent outside flak.After six years with the Nuggets, gallinari has moved on to the Clippers, Oklahoma City Thunder, and now Atlanta. He signed a three-year, $61.5 million extension with the Hawks in the summer of 2010. He averaged 13.3 points and 4.1 rebounds per game last season, becoming trey Young’s right-hand man.Danilo Gallinari made it to the Eastern Conference finals, where the hawks lost 4-2 to the more experienced Bucks.Speaking to the media after the game, Gallinari was also upset, saying he and his wife had lost sleep after the team’s defeat.And this season to stay gallinari, under the condition of the already 33 years old, is indeed a restrictive, so far he is averaging only 10.2 points and rookie season to the lowest, but the 14 years of attendance, high and stable, also let gallinari to the total score of their own career break through the threshold of 10000 to 1,Throughout the 2008 draft, only Westbrook, Russell, Love, Rose, Gordon and Dragic scored higher overall points.If Gallinari wants to win a championship of his own later on, staying with the young Hawks is almost impossible.With a 26-29 record, the Hawks are 10th in the Eastern Conference, and at this point in their run, not even a playoff spot is in the cards.Given that only part of Gallinari’s $21.47 million contract is guaranteed for next season, there’s a good chance he could be traded to the Hawks this offseason to free up more cap space, and given gallinari’s career 38.2 percent 3-point shooting, if he could go to some championship team,His perimeter firepower could be useful for these teams, and if gallinari can win a championship in one of his few playing careers, he’ll have completed a career spanning more than 10 years.