All are negative!The first nucleic acid test results have come from Xiaoshan Yiqiao Town

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On January 26, a new case of COVID-19 was reported in Hangzhou. Her current address is In Yujing Lanwan Community, Yiqiao Town, Xiaoshan District.According to the relevant national and provincial epidemic prevention and control regulations, after the relevant experts study and judgement, determine xiaoshan District Yiqiao Town Yujing Blue Bay 1 building, Family health pharmacy (Times Avenue branch), Haoshengke Restaurant (Yujing Blue Bay store) as the closed control area;Other areas of Royal View Lanwan Residential area are controlled areas;Yiqiao town north to the city expressway, south to Hujia Mountain, west to Puyang River, east to Yixiang line as the prevention area.On January 27, 7 new mild COVID-19 cases were confirmed in Hangzhou, among which “Zhan, male, 32 years old, now lives in Shenjiawu, Hudong Village, Shushan Street, Xiaoshan District”.After receiving the notification, Xiaoshan District acted quickly and immediately implemented the “three district” control measures.At present, Hudong village has been on a comprehensive blockade of the entire village, leaving only a village bayonet.Passing vehicles need a vehicle pass to enter the village.All are negative!Yesterday morning, the city’s epidemic prevention and control headquarters announced a new confirmed case of COVID-19, who lives in Yujing Lanwan Community, Yiqiao Town, Xiaoshan District.At 21 o ‘clock on The 26th, the first nucleic acid test results came out.It is reported that the first round of nucleic acid sampling has been completed in the “Three-area control” area of Yiqiao. A total of 701 nucleic acid samples have been collected in the containment area, 11,275 nucleic acid samples have been collected in the control area, and 19,486 nucleic acid samples have been collected in the prevention area, totaling 31,462 people. So far, all the results have been negative.Royal View Blue Bay community altogether 39 buildings, there are more than 5,000 households, the total number of about 17,000 people.According to the “Three Districts” control measures, unit 1 of building 1 where the case is located has been sealed off, and 104 households in the building have been transferred to designated isolation points in batches for centralized isolation.Other units in the building and other buildings in the community were closed and controlled for regional nucleic acid testing.This morning, at the gate of Xiaoshan Royal View Blue Bay community, a group of “big White” is unloading in the rain.Reporters found that they included salt, eggs and other daily necessities.Some of these materials are donated from society, some are collected from the territory.”Just now, THE RURAL Commercial Bank donated a batch of supplies.”The scene contact said.It is reported that about 5,500 pieces of new materials have arrived at the gate of The Yujing Lanwan community and will be delivered to residents’ homes.Rows of blue awning were set up to protect the supplies from dampness in the rain.Anti-epidemic protection supplies, we have!Anti-epidemic protection supplies, we have!An awning was set up to prevent the supplies from getting wet