Act together, “Nowhere to be seen”

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Yichang will this month to carry out the order of appearance “10 to see” the campaign will focus on special action of white garbage, no cigarette butts of accumulated rubbish, missing out into (line) operating not disorderly parking place, not disorderly stick disorderly painting not disorderly pull disorderly hang, no air “spider web” heap of balcony and corridor place see don’t walk the dog leash and stray dog data diagram of deltaThe whole city has promoted and continued to carry out the special action of “Ten Invisible” in order of city appearance and environment (1) No white garbage.Strengthen the publicity of the harmfulness of white waste, guide and educate citizens to consciously prevent and control “white pollution”.Strengthen the supervision of tourism, hotel, catering, retail, railway, civil aviation and other industry sectors that produce a large amount of waste plastic packaging, and change the phenomenon of arbitrary abandonment;Strengthen management according to law, promote enterprises and individuals to their own waste plastic packaging materials properly collected and processed.(two) no cigarette butts.Public awareness campaigns against smoking in public places have been extensively carried out to create a social atmosphere in which smoking endangers health and littering cigarette butts affects the city’s appearance and environment.Fully implement the responsibility area system for city appearance and sanitation, and ensure timely sanitation and cleaning within the responsibility area of frontage units and stores to ensure no cigarette butts.A system of anti-smoking counsellors in window service units has been established to carry out voluntary service activities to effectively guide and eliminate smoking in public places.Carry out extensively “smoke-free unit” creation evaluation activity, create a batch of “smoke-free demonstration unit”.(3) No garbage is accumulated.Improve the performance assessment system for sanitation operations, extend the collection and transportation time of household garbage from stores along main and secondary roads, increase the frequency of collection Tours in business districts and around markets, and effectively solve the problem of garbage collection and transportation being delayed.We will raise standards for sanitation work on highway surfaces, ditches and mountains within the isolation network, and clean up exposed garbage and sundries along the roads.Focus on environmental sanitation along the 25km railway, along the Bailin River and canal, to ensure that there is no accumulated garbage, exposed garbage, sanitation dead spots.(4) Not out of the store (line) operation.We will draw a red line for the operation of merchants in the market and along the street, prohibit them from going out, crossing the line or occupying public facilities, strengthen supervision and ban the operation of stalls and floating stalls without licenses or occupying roads in accordance with laws and regulations.(five) No disorderly parking disorderly put.We will continue to strengthen the order management of parking, and severely punish illegal parking behaviors.Resolutely remove the unauthorized occupation of the public road installation gate, lock.Accurately map the city’s parking demand, make the supply and demand of parking Spaces effectively match, and solve the structural contradiction caused by the uneven spatial and temporal distribution of the supply and demand of parking Spaces.Comprehensive use of “city brain” and “industry cerebellum”, open the parking lot “leave before pay” function, to achieve the goal of “one parking lot in the whole city”.(six) No disorderly paste graffiti.In accordance with the principle of territorial management, organize units under the jurisdiction of the district and the general public to carry out special actions to clean up small advertisements in residential hallways and building facades, and completely eliminate the phenomenon of disorderly pasting and scrawling on residential hallways and building facades.Planning to set up the community post column, it is strictly prohibited to post temporary public notices and notices at will.According to “Yichang Civilized Behavior Promotion Regulations”, establish and improve the normal supervision mechanism.(seven) do not see disorderly pull disorderly hang.We will focus on cleaning up the phenomenon of hanging clothes and hanging them in disorder in old residential areas, urban and rural areas and villages in cities, and ban unauthorized installation of colored ribbons (flags) and “road flags” advertisements and banners hanging on power poles, telecommunications poles and lampposts.(8) No spider webs in the air.Accelerate the reform of old village weak electrical work, aiming at all kinds of cables are neat, centralized and receive a neat way, such as ground and comprehensive renovation of old residential area “spider web” air, eliminate old village aerial cable connecting chaos to pull, borrow rod stringing, across the street, connection, etc, to ensure that all kinds of neat overhead pipeline safety.Establish the admittance system of weak and weak electric cables in residential areas, and implement strict supervision on the behavior of erecting weak and weak electric cables in old residential areas.(nine) do not see the balcony and the corridor disorderly pile.In the form of city government make, worked out on the provisional regulations on strengthening the management of the balcony and corridor, in the balcony and corridor heap put sundry phenomenon rectification, advocates residents beautification balcony and corridor, and within a time limit and the corridor to the balcony sundry clear implementation, in accordance with the law in accordance with the regulations on the balcony and corridor heap put sundry penalties, eliminate chaos and corridor balcony safe hidden trouble.(10) Not walking dogs without leashes and stray dogs.Continue to carry out civilized dog raising publicity and education, focusing on walking the dog without a leash, not getting a dog certificate, not cleaning up the dog in time and other uncivilized behavior for persuasion and education.A joint law enforcement mechanism of public security and urban management has been established. In accordance with the Measures for the Administration of Dog Keeping in Urban Areas of Yichang City, joint law enforcement actions for dog keeping management have been carried out regularly, dog walking without leashes in public places such as parks, back streets and alleys and communities has been severely punished, and stray dogs have been arrested in time.Source | Yichang release editor | Tingting editor | Longyizhou reprint must indicate the source