2022 Electric four-wheeler license or not?Officially, there are two pieces of good news

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The last two years, to make people feel more and more traffic administration management of the electric power, electric cars by the original state of unmanned management, slowly become normalized management, through the management of the traffic administration, the effect is very remarkable, significantly reduce the illegal violation phenomenon, on the road of road congestion also fell, but with increase of management strength, the electric tricycle now,Electric four-wheelers also need a license to be on the road, so after the status of electric four-wheelers is clear in 2022, do you need a license?The official has given a clear answer. Let’s take a look at the details.Electric motorcycle; do you want a driver’s license in 2022 electric motorcycle; do you want a driver’s license has become the focus of the debate, some people think that electric motorcycle; the operation is simple, the speed is slow, the elderly do not need a driver’s license when using can on the road, some people think that electric motorcycle; also belongs to the motor vehicle, must have a driver’s license can be driven on the road.Although now electric motorcycle; also there is no clear identity, legal way, but from around the management policy, electric motorcycle; can legally on the road, must hold a license for electric carriage driving without a license owner, will be at 200 ~ 2000 yuan in fines under detention, and sentenced to 15, such management policy has been clear,Electric four-wheelers must be licensed on roads.What kind of driving license does an electric four-wheeler need?In June 2021 the ministry issued a “pure electric passenger vehicle technical conditions”, according to the file you can see, electric motorcycle; named micro low-speed electric passenger cars, now that belong to the type of passenger car, then this vehicle belongs to the motor vehicle, put forward a electric motorcycle; on the road at the same time, many cities must have C2 above motor vehicle driving license.The elderly because of the age, the reason of memory loss, if you want to get your driver’s license, class C difficulty is big, especially memory multifarious knowledge of theory, it is a big challenge for the elderly, there is also a part of the old people don’t use the computer, it also increases the difficulty of the examination, raised the threshold of the old people use electric motorcycle; undoubtedly,But from April 1, 2022, the Ministry of Public Security will implement the revised Regulations on the Application and Use of Motor Vehicle Driving Licenses, bringing two more pieces of good news for getting a driver’s license.We have two good news the elderly passed my driving test in the elderly has a lot to the difficulty of the class C driver’s license, but from April 1, 2022, to implement the newly revised “motor vehicle driving license application and operation regulations, according to the regulations, we can see that driver’s license for two good news, especially for the elderly, is a very good benefits.C2 driver’s license test subjects, 2 with designated parking ramp start project subject 2 belongs to the field test, focuses on the driver’s driving ability, originally passed five projects, from April 1, 2022, cancelled the ramp start with designated parking test project, only pass the rest of the back into the Treasury, side parking, curve, right-angle turn four projects,This will greatly increase the success rate of subject two.C2 increased driving C1 driver’s license test cancel four theory course and a course owners increased with C2 a driver’s license to C1 driver’s license, need to pass all the exams project before, but since April 1, 2022, will not to get your course and a course of four theory exam, only need through the field test two subjects with three subjects, it’s easier to get C1 driver’s license,This improves the success rate of exams for the elderly.Conclusion:Electric motorcycle; on the road to the owner hold a driver’s license, this is not unfounded, but certain things, electric motorcycle; at the same time will also hold C2 above the driver’s license, although the elderly passed the driver’s license has the certain difficulty, but from the point of current policy, electric motorcycle; national standard after the official release, big probability according to the original management policy,However, the benefit is that from April 1, 2022, the difficulty of obtaining a C2 driver’s license will be slightly adjusted, which will help the elderly successfully obtain a driver’s license.What do you think is the biggest difficulty for the elderly to use the scooter?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below and click on the follow button in the upper right corner to share the latest news and exclusive views on electric vehicles every day.