Yangshan county held a telecommunications network fraud case analysis briefing

2022-09-19 0 By

On February 17, Yangshan county held a briefing on the incidence of telecom network fraud, reporting the incidence of new crimes in January 2022, and the deployment of the national anti-fraud work this year.Comrade (jevons lee) speech on the meeting, deputy county, county public security bureau chief Deng Ruiwen reported in January 2022, our county county involved cheat the overall situation, the villages and towns involved fraud case, the county “broken card action” work situation, the county telecommunication network fraud morphological analysis, and the universal anti cheat to my county the work advances some Suggestions on the work,Asked all units to internal propaganda education earnestly, adhere to the “dependency is positions” fraud prevention anti cheat networked control, ensure that prevent fraud fraud prevention knowledge propaganda to every household every one do not miss, no dead Angle, full coverage, gradually formed all knowledge cheat, all understand the social governance pattern of anti cheat, together to protect the people’s “purse”.The county party committee, secretary of the committee jevons lee stressed that it is to understand the situation clearly, improve the political stance, further enhance to do a good job of the anti cheat sense of mission and sense of urgency, adhere to the people as the center, play “, prevent, pipe, control, xuan “combination, resolutely curb multiple high incidence trend of telecom network fraud crime, to protect people life and property safety,Constantly enhance the sense of security and satisfaction of the masses, with excellent results to meet the party’s 20th victory;Two is to make up the short board, highlight the key work, in the anti-fraud propaganda on the strong force, in the early warning countermeasures on the strong force, in the “two card” rectification on the strong force, in the key personnel governance strong force, resolutely win the nationwide anti-fraud work battle and lasting battle;Three is to compaction, condensed powerful force, further improve the flagship of competent party and government, public security, industry the main responsibility and the social from all walks of life to participate the anti cheat work pattern, push the anti cheat work to push deeper, intensify propaganda and education, efforts to root out making the illegal crime from the source of soil, raise the level of telecom fraud management.(photo of the meeting) county “chaos and complement the whole people anti fraud” leading group leader, deputy leader, the main town leaders, members of the unit in charge of leadership, county public Security bureau related departments and police station responsible person to attend the meeting.