Why did Fan zhiyi’s words become true?Has our football gone back 20 years?

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We also know that the National football team after more than 90 minutes of hard work, they can stick to the end, to the last minute did not give up, that they still have a spirit of shame and then brave, but also can score a face-saving goal, or not easy, you still remember what Fan Zhiyi said?Now the national football team even face do not want, lose again will lose Vietnam, and then lose Myanmar, there is no losing team behind, why he said this words become true?The team’s second leg match with Vietnam, let us see the Vietnam team strong, whole is Vietnam team according to the friction on the ground, the team’s basically do not have the strength to, after eight minutes to lose a goal, most desperately, 15 minutes and to lose the second goal, although at that time, there is time, can throw the ball so fast, want to back to talk easy, as the team’s lose in where?In more than a decade ago, the national youth team played a friendly with Thailand, it is a normal game, but the team’s defeat this youth team, domestic uproar, led to the famous coach camacho, class fan4 zhi4 yi4 classic words also comes from the game, he is very angry, after the game said the team’s face is not now, again lose will lose Vietnam, and then lose Burma,There was no losing team in the end.Now the National football team has finally achieved this magic spell, what happened to them?12 strong throughout the year, as the team’s most elite players, they want to beat each other up a sieve, but did not want to the other side also want to win the team’s, they force, bundling the ball home after a few minutes, then scored a goal, a lot of people don’t understand, national soccer team on the pitch the ball dominant, conceded two goals, what’s up?Huang Qiang talk about sports think slanting, who also don’t want to in those days fan4 zhi4 yi4 curse words will come true, now think of his words, now the team’s back 20 years, is not the ability to win each other a few players, instead is to win and win is not the problem, show the strength of our fall so fast, opposite each other improve quickly, they attach great importance to youth,This group of national team in the Asian Cup runner-up players, just think we can not lose?Should we blame Fan Zhiyi for being a god of misery?Is he a crow mouth?If that year he did not say this words, the National football team will lose Vietnam?This article is the author huang Qiangwei on sports original article, declined to be reproduced, offenders will investigate!Picture material from the network, if there is something wrong, please contact the author to delete!