What to watch for in freestyle skiing at the Beijing Winter Olympics?Article to read

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As a derivative of alpine skiing, freestyle skiing is known as the “extreme sport” in snow and ice sports. Competitors need to show a variety of gorgeous and exciting movements such as jumping, somersaults and twists. It is extremely difficult to complete and enjoyable to watch.Freestyle skiing will be contested in 13 events at Beijing 2022, including two new events — men’s and women’s freestyle big jump and freestyle aerials mixed team event.From February 3 to February 19, Genting Ski Park and Shougang Ski Jump will host extreme “dancers” ballet show on snow.Canada’s Mikael Kingsbury, one of the most successful moguls of all time, won the men’s moguls title at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.Kingsbury set a number of records, including the most total World Cup moguls titles and World Cup points in history.He is also the most decorated male freestyle skier in world Championships history (all men’s disciplines included).Kingsbury is also the reigning Moguls and double Moguls World Cup champion.As the 2018 Women’s moguls champion at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, Pelene Lafonte is also the winner of the crystal Golden Globe trophy for the overall freestyle skiing season champion (awarded to the highest individual and total season standings) and the 2021 World Championships gold medal for women’s moguls.Canada’s Casey Sharp, 2018 PyeongChang Halfpipe champion, has won super halfpipe MEDALS at the WORLD X Games in each of the past three years (silver in 2021, bronze in 2020 and 2019).Sharp could face a challenge from China’s “super rookie” Gu Ailing at Beijing 2022.Gu won gold MEDALS in halfpipe and slopestyle at the 2021 World Championships.A two-time Winter Olympic gold medalist (2014 and 2018), David Wise of the United States is one of the biggest stars of the men’s halfpipe event.In Beijing 2022, he will face TEAM USA teammate and two-time world champion Alan Brunk, as well as 2018 PyeongChang bronze medalist And 2021 world champion Nico Porteous of New Zealand.Freestyle skiing made its Olympic debut as a showcase event at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics, and became a full Olympic sport in 1992.Since then, freestyle skiing has added slalom chase, halfpipe and slopestyle.Beijing 2022 Will add men’s and women’s freestyle skiing big jump and freestyle skiing aerials mixed team events.Aerial, halfpipe, slopestyle and moguls are all marked by judges.A panel of judges scores athletes based on the difficulty and completion of each slide.In the platform competition, competitors gain points by jumping for height and distance.Unlike other freestyle skiing events, slalom chase is a time trial rather than a points race, and the first skater to reach the finish line wins.Freestyle skiing at the Winter Olympics was dominated by Canada and the United States, each winning 25 MEDALS.Canada leads the gold medal count with 12 to the U.S. ‘s nine.The most decorated freestyle skier in Winter Olympic history is Kari Tra of Norway, who holds one gold, one silver and one bronze.Stay tuned for more details in the Winter Olympics bulletin.Client Winter Olympics journal editor Han Ye process editor Wu Yue