The old public housing to install the elevator signed 200, start 200, completed 200!That will be done this year

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The reporter learned from the third meeting of the second Community representative conference of Linfen Road street held from February 16 to 17 that the ten practical projects initiated by the district residents in 2022 were released and unanimously voted by the representatives.It is reported that this year, Linfen Road street practical project 1 project is still the old public housing installation elevator, the whole year to achieve the old public housing installation elevator contract 200, 200, the completion of 200 targets;At the same time, the “little green book” of elevator management should be released to explore and improve the follow-up management of elevator installation.In order to adapt to the digital transformation of the city, the construction of “digital home” will be further promoted in the pilot community, which is also the key project of the street this year. Two digital cabins will be added throughout the year to improve the level of digital life service.At the same time, the street will also upgrade the application system of “Linxiao Er”, adding 10 application scenarios of “civil situation log” and improving three intelligent management scenarios of “community brain”.Among the practical projects of the street this year, promoting the transformation of home environment suitable for aging is also placed in an important position. The pilot project of promoting home and community basic old-age services will be carried out within the year, and the construction and service of family old-age beds will be promoted.Building a health sports home for the elderly;Pilot projects will be carried out to build a friendly community for the elderly with cognitive impairment and to rent rehabilitation AIDS in the community.Continue to promote the “Wheel dining hall” project, providing meals for the elderly in the community for about 90,000 customers every year;Provide “old partner” care service for more than 1400 elderly people aged over 80 who live alone.Renovation of old facilities, has also been listed as street practical projects this year, fenxi Road 261 lane residential area elderly activity room renovation will be completed within the year;Comprehensive renovation of residential areas in Heyuan City;Completed 2 urban micro-renewal and transformation;Promote the comprehensive renovation project of installing elevators in some residential areas;Promote the stormwater diversion project in some communities;Cooperate with district Construction management Committee to promote linfen Road overhead line landing project along the street.To promote community national fitness activities, linfen road street specially fitness facilities construction and renovation, on the practical project in this year, years to new FenXi Road puzzle found 1, 88 to neighborhood lingnan road 700, lane residential renovation educational found 1, fitness trails and source new city neighborhood of 300 meters, cooperate with rebuilding public stadium of 2400 square meters.In order to cooperate with the “double reduction”, the street this year practical projects will also be included in the community education, according to local conditions to open street primary school students “love summer care class”;Establish street juvenile protection workstations;To help the “double reduction” work, form social and school linkage, add special activities and service projects, enrich students’ weekend, winter and summer vacation life.The street’s practical projects this year, also focused on community services for special groups, helping long-term unemployed youth to find employment 32 people, helping to lead 40 people to start a business;The community legal service Center provides legal advice to residents about 1,200 times a year.Community Party and Mass Service Center carries out FEN enjoy service day all year round, serving about 2,400 people;Providing gynaecological screening services to eligible women in the community;To provide pneumonia vaccination and colorectal cancer screening services for eligible people over 60 years old.Similarly, community peace construction is also one of the practical projects that the street focuses on this year, and 500 sets of electrical fire alarm devices will be installed throughout the year;Organize professional forces to guide micro fire stations to carry out 20 skill drills;Organize residents to carry out 40 fire escape drills.Source: Jing ‘an, Shanghai