State Grid Huaian Power Supply Company issued a white paper on serving local economic and social development in 2022

2022-09-19 0 By

Modern Express news (correspondent Chen Yi, reporter Li Zixuan) “In 2021, the accumulative increase of social and industrial electricity consumption in Huai ‘an ranked first in the province, and the installed capacity of new energy has reached 3.168 million kW, accounting for 43% of the total installed capacity;Throughout the year, 2,832 high-pressure emergency repairs and 5,272 low-pressure emergency repairs were completed.Carry out power purchasing service for 8811 customers in the city;More than 700 rural electrification projects were promoted…”That’s according to the state Grid Huai ‘an Power Supply Company’s 2022 White Paper on serving local economic and social development.Recently, State Grid Huaian Power Supply Company issued the “Beautiful Life — State Grid Huaian Power Supply Company 2022 Service local Economic and social Development White Paper” (hereinafter referred to as the White Paper), which is the sixth consecutive year that the company issued a white paper on social responsibility.Under the theme of “Beautiful Life”, the white Paper is divided into three parts: “Performance, Willingness and Commitment”, and reviews the company’s outstanding performance in economic, environmental and social aspects since 2021.Focus on the disclosure of important accountability actions and key digital performance in eight aspects: ceasing the founding mission of a century, ensuring power supply, building a strong power grid, facilitating green development, optimizing the business environment, serving rural revitalization, promoting reform and innovation, and communicating with the society in good faith.”White paper” commitment, in 2022, the company will continue to uphold the “people’s electric power for the people,” the purpose, for power protection for primary responsibility, stick to safe, reliable, economic, service, such as the core index, make the company and the grid quality development, benefit people a better life to huaian all-round construction of modernization in northern Yangtze river delta center city.(Photo by correspondent)