Originally was to see Jing Tian, the result was “City of Light” male partner attracted, Meng Xu ‘an successfully out of the circle

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“City of light” from the start to now, ratings have been maintained well, many people are jing Sweet as Feng Shijing, from the beginning seems to be the scene sweet has found his own way, the Republic of China for King Sweet is too match, whether it is temperament or appearance level have no words.”City of Time” the plot line is more clear, are the revenge play, and male love entanglement, although the story is more predictable, but at least it looks very clear, is also “City of Time” do better.And scenery sweet take play xu Weizhou, also is at present inside the entertainment more popular male artist, appearance level and acting in a line of small students are very good, and recently in the “beginning” a big heat, popularity is not as bad as male bai Jingting where to go.Xu Wei chau RongJia played on, is a man and a number of the play, but from the point of view of the audience, RongJia on high heat but not another role, that’s plays, RongJia on opponents and the growers Meng Xuan, feng Meng Xuan starting online, just in the play made strong on RongJia oppressive feeling, the light elegant temperament,In front of the enemy son to show an arrogant calm, so that many netizens think he is the play of the male number one.From the current development of the plot, although Meng Xu ‘an and Feng Shi are superior and subordinate, they also have the same purpose, that is, revenge on the Rong family.Compared with the sunshine of Rong Jia shang, Meng Xu ‘an’s black man design is obviously more popular with young people nowadays.Originally see “city of light” is estimated to run with the scenery sweet in the Republic of China, but on the contrary, the role of Meng Xu ‘an is more popular.Jing chao is best known for his role as Ling Yunche in Ruyi Zhuan. Although the leading actors in the drama are Wallace Huo and Zhou Xun, jing Chao’s charm is no less than that of the leading actors and actresses, and his acting skills have been recognized by the public.LingYunChe in the play is one of the few trusted as taken of male, because of the help of LingYunChe, such as taken just after several difficult, is also LingYunChe ending the tragedy, in order to protect the die if taken, his end once let a lot of netizens feel rough, if you don’t watch carefully, cannot find LingYunChe and Meng Xuan is the same actors.It was after Ruyi zhuan that Gyeongchao became famous as an actor.The super appearance and temperament, is very suitable for the role of arbitrary President, gestures have a charming demeanor, even sometimes behave better than male leading role, such as he is also in the warmth of the string is more welcome than Hans zhang of male with effect, I hope, after “the city of light”, the development better.