Cixi’s descendants were worth 50 billion yuan and owned a street on Beijing’s inner ring Road

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A 2014 film, “Personal Tailor,” was controversial when it was released, as the story was awarded the Golden Broom Award and was defined as the most disappointing film.Whether the movie is good or bad, there’s one character in it that sticks out.The role of the Descendants of the Qing Dynasty is played by Song Dandan Dan Sister, she realized the dream of becoming rich, rich enough to casually point, can buy any street in Beijing, it can be said that rich enough to a certain extent really can do anything, god and people are angry.Is there anyone in real life who can achieve such a level, so rich?Naturally rich people everywhere, rich people’s wealth and happiness is not what we ordinary people can imagine.There is a rich woman who owns a whole street in the inner ring of Beijing, and her wealth has accumulated up to 50 billion yuan, which is beyond the imagination and reach of ordinary people.The billionaire is best known for her husband, Chi Zhongrui, who starred in the 1984 version of the classic classic Journey to the West.Chi played the famous Tang monk in Journey to the West, and was also the voice actor of the prince of Wuji kingdom and Manjusri bodhisattva.After acting in many films and TV works, Chi Zhongrui got to know Chen Lihua.Despite their 11-year difference, they developed a deep love.After dating for some time, Chi and Chen got married in 1990.Chen lihua is 11 years older than Chi and has already been divorced once, with a son and two daughters.Combined with Chen Lihua’s special identity, in the 1990s, when the mind was not fully open, chi Zhongrui, who combined with Chen Lihua, suffered from controversy.A lot of people think late heavy rui is because of Chen Lihua’s rich woman identity, just with it together.After all, Chen Lihua was one of the earliest people to get rich in China. Her net worth was once as high as 50.5 billion yuan, making her the richest woman in China.And Chen Lihua not only accumulated a lot of wealth, in the “Luyu about” this program, once confessed to the interview lu Yu, he is the Manchu zhenghuang Banner, and is the eighth generation of descendants of Yehenara.The Yehenara clan represents that Chen Lihua was a descendant of cixi’s family name, and because the family name was high in the Qing dynasty, several Qing empresses were descended from this clan.It can be said that the Yehenara family and the Aisin Gioro family are married from generation to generation, inseparable strategic interests, closely related.So if Chen Lihua had been born in the Qing Dynasty, she would have been a noble Manchu Gege, but the Qing dynasty fell in 1912, while the qing dynasty had fallen decades earlier in 1941, when Chen Was born.For the Republic of China, even puyi himself has already fallen from the throne, become a very ordinary people, even the royal family can not keep, let alone those next to the aristocratic family name.Therefore, Although Chen Lihua was born in the Summer Palace in Beijing, she did not catch the good time.His family was not rich, just like ordinary people at that time.I can’t rely on the protection of my family. I have to work on my own.Because of poor family circumstances, Chen Lihua also read only high school was forced to drop out, support the family.After all, having a bite to eat is more important than reading.Fortunately, Chen lihua has a bright mind and a talent for business.Instead of taking a job in a factory or anywhere else, she started a furniture business.And in a very short time accumulated the first fortune, the establishment of furniture factory.At that time, Hong Kong’s economy was very developed and it was called the Asian tigers. Many people went to Hong Kong to seek gold.Not content with her furniture factory, Chen lihua went to Hong Kong to look for business opportunities, hoping to expand her business.Using her connections and social connections, Chen started investing in real estate in Hong Kong.Real estate investment means a lot of money, and even if Chen lihua owns a furniture factory, it is only a small operation in Hong Kong, and the money she earns is not enough to invest in Hong Kong.So Chen lihua began to start from Beijing, looking for the right business opportunities, want to earn the first bucket of gold.Soon she found some connections and took possession of the relics confiscated at that particular time in the name of “goods” at a low price.After resold the relics in Hong Kong at a high price, Chen Lihua made her first bucket of gold investing in real estate.He then bought 12 luxury houses in the best locations in Hong Kong and sold them when they reached a certain value, making a lot of money over and over again.Chen lihua’s family also moved to Hong Kong and established Hong Kong Fuhua International Group.The fuhua Group grew rapidly on the back of real estate, a lucrative deal that made Chen’s wealth soar and made her a veritable millionaire.With enough assets, Chen lihua returned to Beijing to invest in acquisitions.Chen Lihua invested 450 million yuan to set up the Chang ‘an Club in the early 1990s in a prime location on Chang ‘an Avenue next to Tiananmen Square.To this day, Chang ‘an Club is a symbol of wealth and status.Fuhua group also began to diversify beyond real estate investment.It not only involves property management, hotel management, but also high-end clubs, high-end apartments, and even tourism, network, aviation and other fields, all-round development.Chen Lihua has a global vision, opening branches to Australia and Southeast Asia and other countries to develop business.In many inland cities, after getting a lot of gold section, develop real estate industry energetically.Fuhua Group also develops step by step, and becomes a fortune group enjoying good reputation both at home and abroad.Chen Lihua also appeared on the rich list again and again.As a Manchu, Chen Lihua’s family naturally maintains manchu rules.No matter how busy the family is, they have the habit of having dinner together every night, and they can’t have dinner until Chen Lihua comes to the table.But Chen lihua said it was also her children’s and grandchildren’s respect for her that they would wait for her to eat with them.Even if Chen Lihua is busy with company affairs, and delayed to go home for dinner.Call in advance and tell the younger generation to serve dinner first, not waiting for her, and no one will move a chopstick until Chen Lihua comes home. The Chen family has maintained the tradition for decades.If Chen Lihua puts down her chopsticks at the end of the meal, the others will not continue eating, but someone will stand up and help Chen Lihua away from the table, let her go to rest.It can be said that Chen Lihua is the absolute authority of the Chen family, but also the backbone of the Chen family, large and small things to Chen Lihua decision-making.Chen Lihua, who is already in her eighties, has retired and lived a regular life with Chi Zhongrui in her later years.They get up at 7 a.m. and must swim for half an hour and take a sauna at 4 p.m.The body that such regular life also lets two people is very healthy, enjoy old age life stably, together with the filial piety of children and grandchildren, let Chen jia send auspicious, happy and harmonious.I believe the fine tradition of the Chen family and the family relationship of mutual respect and love will continue to be passed on.