China entered the team figure skating final for the first time in its history

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Beijing Time on February 6, 2022, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games figure skating team competition entered the second day of competition, a total of ten teams from Russia, the United States, Canada, Japan, China, Italy, Germany, Georgia, the Czech Republic, Ukraine.In the competition on February 4, China sent jin Boyang in men’s singles, Wang Shiyue/Liu Xinyu in ice dancing, Sui Wenjing/Han Cong in pairs skating, with a total of 21 points to place third, the United States and Japan in first and second place.Among them, Sui Wenjing and Han Cong scored a game-high 82.83 points, earning 10 points for China.Zhu Yi, a 19-year-old Chinese skater, made her debut in the women’s singles short program on Saturday.In this competition, Zhu Yi is the first to appear, and his song is from the Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black”.She made a mistake in her first routine triple somersault + three weeks of back outside point ice and ended up with 25.69 points for content and 22.34 points for technique, minus 1.00 points for a total of 47.03 points.Maria Shapotova of Ukraine, Elena Brzezinova of the Czech Republic, Maria Gubanova of Georgia, Ernesto Gutman of Italy, Ernesto Hidzas of Canada, Ernesto Short of Germany, Higuchi Shinoha of Japan, Kai Wen Chen of the United States and Varyeva Valieva of Russia appeared in order.Varyeva scored the highest score of 90.18.In the end, Valieva ranked first with 90.18 points, 38.51 points for program content and 51.67 points for technical action, earning 10 points for the Russian team.Following this year’s European Championship women’s single short program Valieva broke the 90 mark for the first time, this is the first time the Olympic figure skating women’s single short program broke the 90 mark.China’s Zhu Yi ranked 10th with 1 point.According to the rules, the 10 qualified teams will compete in the short program/short dance competition first, and the top five teams will qualify for the final of the second stage of free skating/free dance.In the previous two Winter Olympics, China ranked seventh and sixth respectively, failing to enter the finals as the top five.Despite only one point in the women’s short program, China ranked fifth overall with 22 points, advancing to the second stage of the figure skating team event for the first time in history.In the final, a man, a pair, a pair of ice dancers and a woman skate in turn.The final is awarded 10 points to the first ranked player or team and 6 points to the fifth ranked player.The team with the most points in all events wins the championship.Next, Jin Boyang will represent The Chinese team to continue to participate in the men’s singles free skating competition.