Yangquan Dayangquan ancient Village intangible cultural Heritage research activities of students’ works exhibition

2022-09-18 0 By

Yellow River News Yangquan news (reporter Shen Lin) On February 14, “meet the college to make yuanxiao” — intangible cultural heritage research activities of students’ works exhibition in yangquan city Dayyangquan ancient village Yixuetang one academy officially launched.A large number of themed works of INTANGIBLE cultural Heritage were exhibited in groups.It is understood that the event was held by dayangquan Ancient village Yixuetang Yixi College, the works on display have four types.They are: dough figurines, clay figurines, tiles and movable type printing.More than 100 students’ works and more than 30 teachers’ works were exhibited.This exhibition showcases the outstanding works of students of the academy, such as dough sculpture bing Dwen Dwen, clay sculpture Small House, movable type printing,……At the event, one of the teachers of the college guided the children in the exhibition to use movable type printing to print poetry.One academy held this exhibition of works of intangible cultural heritage research activities, so that people in the Lantern Festival, the traditional festival to accept the popularization and inheritance of traditional culture, but also increase people’s understanding and understanding of the traditional culture of intangible cultural heritage.[Edit: Xinran Wang]