Xuchang Jian ‘an Hospital recruitment announcement in 2022

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In order to strengthen the construction of hospital talent team, according to the needs of business development, our hospital is open to the public recruitment, the relevant information is announced as follows:Xuchang City Jian ‘an Hospital (Xuchang City Mental Health Center, Xuchang City Psychological Counseling Center) is a public welfare second-class a mental health hospital organized by the Government of Xuchang City. It was founded in 1958 with 500 beds.With a mood disorder, spirit of children and teenagers’ mental medicine, traditional Chinese and western medicine combined with medicine, clinical psychiatrist, mental disorders, mood disorders, psychosomatic medicine, the division of geriatric clinical departments, such as hospital comprehensive ability in the provincial municipal psychiatric hospitals in the top, in the central south region has a higher visibility and influence,It plays an important leading role in the field of mental health and mental health in Xuchang area.The Qilidian Community Health Service Center has been established to serve more than 46,000 residents in 13 communities under the jurisdiction of Qilidian and Baling Office. A number of contracted service teams of family doctors have been established to provide continuous, comprehensive and convenient basic medical and public health services for residents.Ii. Principles of Recruitment Recruitment shall adhere to the recruitment standards of both political integrity and ability, and follow the principles of “openness, fairness, equality, competition and selection of the best”, and implement an employment mechanism of openness, voluntary application and selection of the best.(1) Abide by laws and regulations, have good ideological and moral quality, without bad records;(2) Love mental health, have strong dedication, sense of responsibility, communication skills and team work ability;(3) having a record of schooling or a degree recognized by the State;(4) Regular facial features, healthy body, competent for post requirements.V. Registration Time and Method (I) Registration time: From February 9, 2022 to February 28, including: long-term recruitment for physician positions.(2) Application materials: ① Application Form for Open Recruitment of Staff in Xuchang Jian ‘an Hospital (Appendix 1);The original and copy of id card;(3) Original and copy of graduation certificate, degree certificate (first degree, intermediate degree, highest degree), Electronic Registration Record Form of Education Certificate of the Ministry of Education (valid period);(4) The original and copy of the practicing certificate;⑤ Original and copy of professional and technical qualification certificate;⑥ Applicants who have work experience and relevant qualification certificates shall bring relevant certificates and certificates;Information must be provided: in-service personnel need to issue the unit to agree to register for the certificate or termination of the labor contract certificate.(1) Online registration: Send the scanned copy of the above registration materials to the registration email: xcsjayyrsk@163.com.Name of email: position + name, otherwise will not be accepted.(2) On-site registration: Applicants should come to the personnel Department of the hospital with the original and photocopy of their personal resume, ID card, graduation certificate, degree certificate, qualification certificate, professional title certificate, regulation and training certificate, and one bareheaded color photo.Address: No. 1, Huatuo Road, Xuchang, take bus No. 8 and get off at The Jianan Hospital Station.Contact person: teacher xie: 0374 — 3362176,13069533533.(IV) Qualification examination: Applicants who have passed the qualification examination shall notify them by phone or wechat.In this recruitment, the qualification examination runs through the whole process of recruitment. Any applicant who does not meet the registration requirements or violates the recruitment regulations will be disqualified once found.Test Methods and Procedures (I) Test Methods For those who have registered and passed the qualification examination, our college will organize a unified written test and interview.(1) Written test: The written test subject is the professional knowledge required by the post, mainly testing the basic professional quality of the applicant. The full score is 100.(2) Skill operation test: it mainly tests the applicant’s mastery of basic knowledge and clinical application ability of basic skills. The full score is 100.(3) Interview: Mainly test the applicant’s language expression ability, strain capacity, self-emotional control, manners and appearance, etc., full score of 100.(4) Score calculation: Total score = written test score ×40%+ Skill operation test ×10%+ interview score ×50%(2) According to the total score of the physical examination (if the total score is tied, the candidate with high interview score will be selected;If the interview scores are tied again, the candidates will enter the second test), and the candidates will be determined from high score to low score in a 1:1 ratio of the number of candidates to be recruited.Those who do not pass the physical examination will be compensated according to the total score of the examination, from high to low.(iii) Publicity Publicity shall be made on the official website of the hospital, and the publicity period shall be no less than 3 working days. After the expiration of the publicity period, the admission procedures shall be formally handled in accordance with relevant regulations.(IV) Remuneration and benefits Nurses are contracted, and other positions are personnel agents.Enjoy property subsidies, housing subsidies, spiritual civilization awards, food subsidies, workers’ dormitories and other welfare benefits, pay pension, medical insurance, industrial injury and other social insurance.The whole process of the recruitment shall be supervised by municipal Health Commission and Disciplinary Commission of the Academy.The recruitment information will be published on the official website of Xuchang Jian ‘an Hospital (http://www.xcsjayy.com/) and the official account of the hospital.Supervisor complaint tel: 0374-2115990, email: xcsjayy@163.com For more job information, please identify the following TWO-DIMENSIONAL code to view high salary, close to home, to find a job to the Central Plains talent network www.zyrc.com.cn