What episode was all hands on fire to save Conan?

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Conan’s appearance came in detective Conan’s 723 episode, titled “Sweet, Cold Delivery.”Detective Conan is a ceiling in the animation industry and a childhood nightmare for many.The anime focuses on a high school student named Shinichi Kudo who is accidentally poisoned when he discovers a suspicious transaction with a man in black. He wakes up as a child and becomes an elementary school student.In order to find out the plot of the black people also in order to protect themselves, so the pseudonym for Conan to trace the plot.Every episode of Detective Conan focuses on a murder, and Dr. Agin (who knows Conan’s identity) designs a smart “watch” for Conan to help him solve mysterious crimes while hiding his identity.In episode 723, Conan is locked in a freezer by accident, and the receipt code is blown away by the wind. He then changes the address of the cake sent to Dr. Agin’s house, and finally saves Conan by using the receipt code.Conan is smart, brave and just throughout the play.When encountering things, I take my time to ensure the safety of others and solve problems. I am not afraid of evil forces. I have always been a guide of positive energy.