Tonglu traffic police during the Spring Festival all on duty, to protect the year of peace | strict inspection of drunk driving point big open

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Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, the traffic flow in the streets has obviously increased, the speed of the car has slowed;Each big business super, market periphery, buy the people who do the Spring Festival goods big bag small bag, full load and return.Tonglu traffic police all on duty, do their best to maintain the traffic order during holidays, do not relax the investigation and crackdown on traffic violations, to prevent the occurrence of major traffic accidents.Traffic guidance, night patrol, illegal investigation, safety propaganda every link does not fall, are methodically carried out……Because of drunk driving To strengthen the management of road traffic during the Spring Festival, to crack down on drunk driving and driving drunk driving and toxin illegal behavior, to ensure that during the festival in the traffic safety situation and the social public order in a steady, tonglu traffic police brigade to further intensify controls for all kinds of traffic violations of the law, especially for drunken driving to keep scrutiny via high pressure situation.During the Spring Festival, tonglu traffic police will check drunk driving from time to time every day. Now the locations are announced as follows: County Town: Fuqiao Port, Fuchunjiang Second Bridge, North of Fuchunjiang First Bridge, North and South Yunqi Road, Daqishan Intersection, Langyuan Road, Daliang Road, Yingchun South Road, Binjiang Road, Chunjiang West Road, Dafeng Village SectionTung often line bead mountain the bridge Yu front narrow creek bridge Bai Yunyuan lobo heart road The beaches of riverside east road intersection Tung often line highway bridge Horizontal lines abstruse the bridge Wood line, ray cross dock village village area: a bridge cross village was fixed Professional cross town ring road Zhong shan shentong avenue intersections I shan seven lines xu mouth Old county street clock line mother river ridge intersection zone:At the entrance of Shitangxia Road, Xiaomen Village, Qililong Dam, No. 320, National Road no.210, Luzi, Shshe and Maoping Section of Provincial Road Duji Bridge Water distribution area:Dongmen Avenue, Lianhua Supermarket, Fenshui old Bridge, Baisha Bridge, Traffic light, Tianying Village, traffic light, Wusheng East Street and Fenjiang Intersection, Dongmen Road and Wusheng East Street, Baijiang Town Government gate, Yaolin Town Orthopaedist Hospital Gate, Taoyuan Village gateThe copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: