The world’s first passive warm face protection technology, for the winter Olympic athletes to send warmth

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Science and Technology Daily reporter Liu Zhiwei wu Chunxin “has sent eight batches of face protection equipment to the national cross-country ski team, to provide the athletes’ face, respiratory tract, neck and other necessary passive thermal protection.”Tao Guangming, a professor at huazhong University of Science and Technology’s Wuhan National Research Center for Optoelectronics, said on Feb 16 that his team’s passive thermal on-snow face protection technology fills the gap in cross-country skiing face protection technology and can effectively protect athletes from extreme cold.The national cross-country ski team is often in the cold training and competition environment, which may lead to respiratory diseases, musculoskeletal discomfort, skin frostbite, damage to cardiopulmonary health and other health problems, which impair sports performance and threaten life.Cross-country skiing is also known as the “snow marathon” of the Winter Olympics. Athletes run for a long distance in extremely low temperatures. The stimulation of cold air on respiratory tract and lung function may limit the maximum volume of air during exercise and inhibit the body’s athletic performance.However, there are no international standards or recommendations for cross-country skiing equipment.At the Winter Olympics, some foreign athletes are wearing muscled tape to protect their faces from cold winds.The move has raised concerns among tape suppliers because the product has not been tested for use on the face and its strong adhesive properties could damage the skin.Preventing damage to the respiratory system from cold air and inhaling oxygen during strenuous exercise is not only an urgent need at winter Olympics venues, but also a contradictory issue, which poses a huge challenge to the development of face-protecting technology, tao said.Jump to pick peach, innovation can only break through “0” to “1”.You can’t borrow or learn new technology, you have to do it yourself.Tao guangming’s team explored the passive thermal face protection technology from two aspects of new materials and new structures, challenging the comprehensiveness and complexity of interdisciplinary crossing.The passive thermal snow face protection equipment developed by Zeng Shaoning’s team has the characteristics of passive heating, intelligent warmth, comfortable ventilation, lightweight and portable.The first version of the device was tested at the Hefei Institute of Public Security in November, and the results showed that wearing it while exercising at -10 degrees Celsius raised the temperature of the air inhaled by about 20 degrees Celsius and the skin on the face by about 6 degrees Celsius.Next, the team improved the ventilation and comfort of the face to meet the needs of high-speed movement in cold environments.According to Tao guangming, the equipment can effectively regulate the local micro-environment to reduce the athletes’ facial and respiratory tract injuries and discomfort caused by low temperature during the warm-up or exercise, and provide “fast” and “warm” passive warm service for cross-country skiers wearing light clothes in the cold environment.Edited by Liu Yiyang Reviewed by Zhu Li