The crown was crowned

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Address: Dada Auto Trade Park, Beicheng Shuangjie, Crown Land Fang Yaoshi debut, the price is 275,800 yuan to 35800 yuan, flagship seven-seat SUV, more than 5 meters body, more space.The original north American sports version, the front face is more dynamic, with crown quality and driving feeling.Crown land radio standard with active safety configuration, crown advanced quality, exclusive sound insulation design, more cost-effective.Strong power, low fuel consumption, late maintenance save money and worry, four-wheel drive city off-road.Color configuration optional, accept orders;Classic purchase: FAW Toyota owners add/exchange purchase enjoy 5000 yuan subsidy;Quality legend: 4 years / 100,000 km free warranty · Free basic maintenance;Crown carefree gift: 8 years / 200,000km dual-engine version power battery free warranty;Da Da FAW Toyota has a used car center certified by FAW Toyota manufacturers, with high price, high amount of replacement subsidies and fast update of indicators.At the same time to provide you with financial loans, vehicle boutique, one-stop licensing services, da Da Toyota staff are waiting for your visit, to the shop to talk about cheaper, the transaction price is lower than the network quotation!The event will run from April 5, 2022 to April 7, 2022