On the first gold medal day of the Winter Olympics, China’s gold medal count equaled that of the previous Olympics. Please remember these five heroes

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Beijing, Feb 5, 2022 (Xinhua) — China’s short track speed skating team won the mixed team relay gold medal on the first gold medal day of the Beijing Winter Olympics on Feb 5, 2022.Whether it is technical tactics or individual ability, The Chinese short track speed skating team has shown its advantages, the final is fan Kexin, Qu Chunyu, Ren Ziwei and Wu Dajing, Zhang Yuting played a role in the semi-final, please remember these five heroes!The mixed team relay is a new event of the Winter Olympic Games, and The Chinese team is sure to win, because in this season’s World Cup competition, the Chinese team has performed well and won the gold medal for many times. Our athletes’ strength is relatively average, and the overall strength is really strong.South Korea, the Netherlands, Hungary, Italy and Canada are our main competitors in short track speed skating.Surprisingly, South Korea went out in the first round and the Netherlands in the semi-finals, both of which made mistakes of their own.China faced some challenges in the semi-finals, with fouls from their opponents allowing them to advance to the final with a squeak.The teams standing in the final are China, Hungary, Italy and Canada. The Overall strength of The Chinese team is superior, but the short track speed skating competition is full of variables, which requires steady performance and perfect cooperation.The Chinese team was indeed more consistent in the match, with Qu Chunyu and Ren Ziwei in particular playing important roles at crucial moments.Hungary and Canada fell off the track in the final moments, with China well ahead and Italy chasing.In the last leg, the Italian athlete tried his best to catch up with Wu, but the physically exhausting Wu still resisted the pressure and took the lead in passing the finish line to win the title.As the players embraced and coaches Kim Sun-tae and Ahn Hyun-soo high-fived, Beom shouted to the camera, ‘We did what we said we were going to do. She shed tears after the game!’Wu Dajing also cried, it was not easy, he is the first Chinese male athlete to win two Winter Olympic gold MEDALS.This is the first gold medal in short track speed skating and belongs to China. It is also the first mixed team gold medal in the history of short track speed skating in winter Olympics. It also belongs to The Chinese team and makes us proud.It was the first gold medal for The Chinese delegation in these Winter Olympics, and the number of golds has already equaled that of the last Winter Olympics.The first gold medal day of the Beijing Winter Olympics produced a total of six golds, in addition to China’s mixed team relay gold in short track speed skating.Slovenia’s ur, Dan Po add tower received a ski jumping women’s individual standard units, Norway winter two mixed relay 4 x 6 km gold medal, the Dutch star, gauteng won gold medal in the women’s 3000 m speed skating, ace about sea in Norway for cross-country skiing women’s double chase gold MEDALS, Sweden’s walter berry for freestyle skiing manMoguls champion!