Long spear pierced the blue sky, if you dragon gas rainbow

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PK season big Shu gun style is still shining, today to share with you is from PK2185 area site I LAN Fu zi big Shu gun play, let’s have a look.Zhuge: Seize the soul to coerce the soul + scrape the bone cure poison Guan Yu: the brave get before + sweep thousands of troops Zhao Yun: break the battle to destroy the final + invincible book of Invincible war zhuge:To avoid its elan + armor + on the defensive as Lord, definitely need a good degree, commanding general game mechanism is deathless, fight, so avoid its momentum to reduce the risk of zhuge liang early be head shots, increase the range of the whole team, second armor with the defensive is the same reason that make zhuge liang harder, to ensure that the output of the lieutenant space.Guan Yu: in order to cure hit disorderly + ghost seek + will power with cure hit disorderly this choice of war book is actually still number Lord have own unique understanding of, basically be to rely on to eat guan Yu’s skill bonus, in fact also can change attack blindside, after all sweep thousands of army with great shock China is all attack, or after send first to all can choose the train of thought.Ghostmoe + further increases Guan Yu’s damage.Zhao4 yun2: attack blindside + ghost seek + will wei choice attack blindside military book linkage break array destroy firm with invincible, both are group kill, can enlarge attack blindside power, in the combination of ghost seek + will wei’s harm add, Zhao4 yun3’s harm value is also very considerable.In the face of kirin bow, this is a fight against 98, and then arms were restrained, still achieved good results, why, we look at the detailed panel analysis.In fact, we can find a lot of things from the picture, Zhuge Liang 2 bone, can achieve 4000 recovery, the overall loss of only 1324, famous actor Guan Yu hit 20000+ damage, these are the key to win.Team configuration principle zhuge creation of hardness zhuge liang of the team’s role is quite important, assume the function of resist broken prevent life, itself, its high red provides us with the visiting conditions, combined with 55% triggered imperius carry, four dimensions of ascension, make zhuge liang become more resistance to beat, prodigy also can be a very good linkage follow-up bone,Make the recovery of bone scraping more comfortable, but also with additional breaking effect, so that down, the endurance of the whole team has become very impressive.Guan yu single blast injury of guan yu from the award winning actor become stable output, a brave man to the role of the former is huge, after normal attack not only can make themselves get a fight, also can make the next active methods 80% more damage, so that once the trigger active skill, a sublime huaxia with total annihilation is deficient, and cooperate with the various ge is bright with zhaoyun stability proof,In actual combat, we can also find that the brave gets the megatron Huaxia under the forward damage, and the first round hits nearly 6000 damage. What the brave gets the front guan Yu seeks is not the quantity of skill release, but the quality of strong explosion, to pull the damage to the extreme.Zhao Yun stable output, stable dual-core Zhao Yun or that Zhao Yun, as always stable, although PK season is more with grass boat when auxiliary meat shield use, but the damage is still in.We can also find from other actual combat, Zhao Yun’s damage as always stable, with Guan Yu double C support each other, even if a dumb fire, another person can stand out to harvest the battlefield.Conclusion PK season shu gun if the red enough, still can play good battlefield effect, the brave get before the joining of Guan Yu gradually evolved into a stable output, Zhao Yun stability as always, can also try grass boat or Qingzhou soldier play.That’s it for today. I’m Morning Sun. I’ll see you next time