Living in a detached house with a view from a high-rise apartment?These communities in Greater Wen have a great feel

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In Da Wen, if you want to see the beautiful mountain view, sea view and city skyline, you have to live in a high-rise apartment?Theoretically, yes. After all, those who live high can see far.But in fact, many independent housing communities, but also live in high-rise apartment experience!These communities need to be not only high in elevation per se, but ideally on a hill, on a big slope, so that if you live high up, you can look down and feel like you’re in a commanding position.Which neighborhoods, and which locations in the neighborhood, give people who live in detached homes the best view of high-rise apartments?(Note: the counted neighborhoods do not include northwest Wenshan, because there are too many detached houses in northwest Wenshan, it is not difficult to have a view of high-rise apartments.)The whole Point Grey community in the north of Point Grey in Vancouver is over 100 meters above sea level. If you live in the central, eastern and southern part of the community, there are few big slopes around.As for living on the west side?It’s right next to UBC, and for a commanding position you have to be near Wreck Beach, where there’s almost no residential area.Therefore, the location of the north of Point Grey near the sea is the best, because the altitude drops rapidly from 100 meters to 20 meters in just a few hundred meters.From West 8th Street to 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th and 3rd Streets, you can see magnificent ocean views and the Downtown skyline.Of course, the price of this area is also surprisingly high, there is no lack of some 10 million, 20 million of the top mansions.The view is nice but not everyone can afford it…Mackenzie HeightMackenzie Height in Vancouver is also like a cloud of luxury homes, although not by the sea but invincible views.That’s because most neighborhoods are on slopes 80 to 100 meters above sea level, while Macdonald Street, just a block away, drops to 20 to 30 meters above sea level.So from Mackenzie Height’s north-facing home, she has a spectacular view of Downtown Vancouver, the ocean, and many of the low-rise residential areas of Vancouver.To add to the viewing experience, Mackenzie Height has an observation deck at the top.Some of the homes on Mackenzie Height’s eastern side, from Larch to Arbutus Streets, also have the experience of high-rise apartments — above 80 meters, with elevations plunging by more than half a block to the north.The overall elevation of the northeast part of Vancouver is low, with residential areas generally ranging from 30 to 50 meters, but Renfrew Height, between East 1st Street and East Broadway, is close to 100 meters above sea level.So whether the residents face north to west or east to south, they have a high altitude, and especially to the east, the elevation drops from nearly 100 meters to about 30 meters, a big slope, as if Brentwood’s buildings were below you in the distance.Capitol Hill is located in north Burnabi, which is about 200 meters above sea level while the surrounding communities are between 60 and 80 meters above sea level.It can be interpreted as a high mountain rising over a large residential area.Living on the highest point of Capitol Hill, the surrounding landscape is unparalleled, especially the View of the Vancouver skyline, is stunning.Despite its high mountain location, Capitol Hill is in a very good location. It is within walking distance of Hastings Business District and just a few minutes’ drive to Amazing Brentwood, which is both beautiful and prosperous.Although the community is close to the cemetery, it is excellent in terms of landscape experience alone.The area is over 80 meters above sea level, while the surrounding community is below 40 meters above sea level, at the high point of Royal Oak Street.Located on the South Slope of Bonapari, although there is no sea view, as long as you live high enough, you can still have a panoramic view of the Fraser River.The area is generally more than 100 meters above sea level, and the high places are more than 150 meters above sea level. Marine Drive, a few hundred meters away, is only about 20 meters above sea level.There’s no pressure to watch Richmond from your penthouse balcony, and South Slope is close to Metrotown, downtown Burnaby.If there’s a question…Going out on foot, it was a steep climb, a physical test.The city of Westwood Plateau, and coquitlam in particular, is located in an abundance of high-elevation neighborhoods, such as Harbour Village, Cape Horn, much of Austin Heights, Ranch Park, and, most famously,Westwood Plateau Panlong Mountain.Panlong Villa has small West wen city, residential areas more than 300 meters above sea level, if the orientation is good enough, you can see mandibao less than 30 meters above sea level inner bay and almost the whole sanlian city scenery.Panlongshan village picturesque, mansions brim, sanlian city is one of the best quality living areas.At Crescent Beach, the highest point is over 120 meters above sea level, dropping to about 40 meters at street intervals, while the waterfront is only 10 meters high.Many detached houses are not close to the sea, but have excellent views of the sea.GrandviewGrandview is located in the southeast of Suri, with a high point above sea level of more than 120 meters, while the surrounding communities are below 50 meters above sea level. The north is less than 20 meters above sea level.The last thing White Rock will introduce is the famous White Rock town. Anyone who has been to White Rock will understand why the detached house can have high-rise apartment views: the detached house area above the “cliff” is nearly 100 meters above sea level, while the beach below the cliff is 20 meters below sea level.Apart from the hike to the beach, the view was impeccable.