Li Yingying: improve the physical quality is the biggest harvest Yuan Xinyue: make up the weak board

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On April 3, Beijing time, the last day of the Chinese women’s volleyball training camp, 55 players were divided into 9 groups and showed off 10 sports.”The biggest thing I gained from the 46-day training is that I improved my physical fitness.From every data point of view, the efforts during this period have not been in vain, there is a steady improvement.There is still plenty of room for improvement.I feel a lot of benefit, good physical reserves will also help for the task of the competition.”Deputy director Yuan Xinyue thinks the most obvious improvement this time is the long-distance race.”The camp was all about catching up on weaknesses,” she told reporters. “There was a lot of hours of physical training and a targeted effort to improve aerobic capacity.We worked hard on the long-distance running and improved our cardio and lung skills.”The Chinese women’s volleyball training camp opened in Beilun, Ningbo on February 17.After 46 days of intensive training, 55 players took the final physical test.This test result will provide reference for the Chinese women’s volleyball team to form a new national team.With the end of the training camp, the Chinese women’s volleyball squad will be announced soon.Source: