Is it love or stupidity for a married woman to help her husband when she knows he’s cheating?

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Prosecutors in Qingpu, Shanghai have indicted a married woman on charges of covering up and concealing criminal offenses and helping information network crimes, Shangguan News reported.The woman downloaded a chat app when she and her husband got bored after getting married.When she met a handsome and humorous man, who had a successful career, she fell in love with him. Then she added wechat and opened videos, convinced that she had met “the one”.As the number of chat increases, the feelings of the two people heated up quickly, one night when two people naked chat, the other party said he was on a business trip, a sum of money needs to borrow her bank account.The woman received a payment of 85,000 yuan with her two bank cards according to the voice instructions and successfully transferred the payment into the alipay account designated by the other party.In order to thank you for your help, the other party sent a lipstick, the woman moved.Then, he sent all his bank cards to the other side to use.During, the woman discovers often has a large sum of funds to enter his account in the middle of the night, she vaguely feels the other side is to be in illegal crime, but think with oneself concern not big again, continue to be immersed in sweet love.In this way, even the face has not seen, she gave his bank card and password to the other side, allowing collection, transfer, the implementation of fraud crime.One naked chat, you got her. Where’s the maturity of a married woman?As adults, what kind of idiotic behavior is it to meet a stranger online, naked, with a sense of shame?Since he is already a wife, he should obey the law of women, not exceeding the rules, love each other, where is the binding force of marriage?Where is a woman’s virtue?More dozen face of is two people a real meet also have not had, only with a lipstick be elated, help zhou torture, not too confused?Having love outside marriage is a moral disgrace, not to be advocated or done.It’s even more ironic when you think you’re in love and people are just using you for a fool…Here, advise those friends who find love on the Internet, whether male or female, must polish eyes, must think twice, must meet offline, must remember not involved in money, do not commit crimes, otherwise in the end may be two empty money, even set foot on the road of crime.Short words, enough.About this matter, what do you think, welcome message exchange.(Author: Short words) // Finish //