Congratulations to Ai Fukuhara!As liu Guoliang’s colleague, I thanked Liu Guoliang at the first time, and Liu Shiwen responded

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Beijing time on Jan. 27, according to the WTT major league soccer (MLS) in the world table tennis officials, the former Japanese table tennis WTT world table tennis federation is to be a elder sister ai fukuhara Japan area general manager, ai fukuhara is also difficult to mask the excited mood for the news, she was the first time on the social platform forwarding the WTT officer xuan, and in the comments section expressed thanks and confidence in liu guoliang.The WTT was founded by the International Table Tennis Federation in 2019. The current chairman of the WTT board is Liu Guoliang, president of the Chinese Table Tennis Association, so Fukuhara is also a colleague of Liu Guoliang.Fukuhara’s main tasks as general manager are to attract investment for WTT, promote media rights sales for WTT in Japan, and promote the influence and development of table tennis.Ai Fukuhara is naturally the most familiar to Chinese tennis fans. She came to China to practice tennis since she was a child and played in China all the year round. Besides, she speaks fluent Mandarin with northeast Chinese accent and is loved by Chinese tennis fans.When the WTT announced Ai Fukuhara as general manager of Japan, Chinese table tennis player Liu Shiwen immediately responded, “Congratulations aijiang to continue to fight for table tennis career in a new identity, I am so happy for you!I wish you a better career in the future.For Liu shiwen’s response, Ai Fukuhara also quickly replied to Liu shiwen, Fukuhara replied, “Thank you, my dear, you work so hard, I also have to cheer.”From their conversation, we can see their deep friendship.Earlier when Ai Fukuhara married Jiang Hongjie, Ai Fukuhara invited Liu shiwen to Taiwan province as a bridesmaid (Liu shiwen said she was not a bridesmaid, but she also said the dress she was wearing was indeed a bridesmaid).Unfortunately, Ai Fukuhara and Jiang Hongjie spent four years of enviable marriage, then parted ways.After a period of adjustment, Ai Fukuhara started a new life, has a new job in the university, Japan Table Tennis League, this time was invited by Liu Guoliang WTT World Table Tennis Federation Japan general manager, together with Liu Guoliang to make contributions to table tennis.Here we have to admire Liu Shiwen, now Liu Shiwen is still struggling in the arena, and Ai Fukuhara has bid farewell to the arena for many years, and has been in the World Table Tennis Association, Liu Shiwen’s efforts and persistence can not help but make people respect.