Brazilian beauty gives’ Thumbs up ‘to Winter OlympicsBarber catering one-stop really happy, thumbs up praise

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The Beijing Winter Olympic Games are about to open, a new global event after the Tokyo Olympics.At the moment of the epidemic, the launch of this competition is of course of extraordinary significance.In addition to competing for gold and silver, the ultimate goal of the Winter Olympics is to hold the games in the midst of difficulties so that the Olympic spirit can be passed on and the spirit of sport can be continued and promoted.As the host, the event is ready for the Beijing Winter Olympics can be said to be a long way to go.It can be said that since determining the qualification of the event, all aspects have been working hard.Now, after the participants from different countries arrived at the competition area and experienced the life and competition environment of the competition area, they also gave the most real answer.Recently, we have seen many athletes sharing the arrangement of the competition area and giving a thumbs-up to the hosting of the Winter Olympics.One of the most well-known is the high-tech intelligent bed for the Winter Olympics, which has been praised by a large number of athletes.Compared with the paper bed of the Tokyo Olympic Games, the comfort of this bed is much higher than a lot of, from the details of the first to ensure the mood of athletes, so that they can get enough rest after the competition, to better display themselves.Elsewhere, athletes are praising the Games.It wasn’t long ago, then, that Brazilian athletes shared a few moments of their time in the Olympic zone, documenting the satisfying details of their winter Games.In the Brazilian steel snowmobiles athletes nicole of dynamic seal villa, we see she is posted on the conference table and cut some everyday, and really enjoyed the whole process of could see silver villa, and also a haircut personnel the thumbs-up sign, obviously very pleased with division barber, also is a kind of recognition of regional environment.And Ciavella wrote that it was really nice to sprint in such a nice place.So it can be seen that the one-stop detail service of the competition area really warms the athletes, allowing them to experience the feeling of being at home after the competition and participate in the competition happily and happily.In addition to Silveira, another Brazilian freestyle skier, Kass, was also full of praise for the environment of the competition, and even said kass was excited to compete.So kass’s social media feed shows her posing with Bing Dwen Dwen, the Beijing Winter Olympics mascot, in the competition area, and in another, jumping in the air in front of the Olympic rings.Kass believes that the Beijing Winter Olympics will be fully functional and comfortable. He will be able to devote himself to training and competition and expects to achieve good results on the Beijing track.And the real feelings of the two Brazilian beautiful female athletes, also just verified this competition area life, they are very satisfied.Such a proper logistics support will completely free them from worries and allow them to take part in the competition with a relaxed and happy mood.It can be said that the Beijing Winter Olympics are fully ready for the athletes to show themselves on the field and deliver a better Olympic spirit.And such a flood of praise, also let us have more expectations for the opening ceremony, looking forward to the Winter Olympics opening ceremony can bring you a greater surprise.