Best bar mitzvah ever!Su Yiming won the big jump in snowboarding

2022-09-18 0 By

February 15, the Chinese team in the Winter Olympics stadium success.Su Yiming, 17, won a precious gold medal in the men’s snowboard platform final after Gu Ailing took home a silver medal with a perfect jump.It was also the sixth gold medal won by China, creating the best result since China competed in the Winter Olympics.Su yiming, meanwhile, became China’s youngest winter Olympic champion with her victory.In today’s match, Su Yiming play has been very stable.In the first jump, the quality of his grab board was super high, he completed 1800+ grab board tail, and landed very steadily, winning the cheers of the audience!Scored 89.50 points and placed second in the first round.In the second round, Su continued to challenge the “turning 1800” in another direction and scored 93.00 points with a high quality.After two rounds, Su moved up to first place with a total score of 182.50.In the end, Su yiming won the championship with this result.In this Winter Olympics, Su yiming won one gold and one silver dazzling results.Su yiming, who was born on February 18, 2004, will celebrate her 18th birthday in three days.And this precious gold medal is also the best coming-of-age ceremony he sent himself.This young boy has already provided enough surprises at these Winter Olympics.I also hope that he can continue to work hard in the future and write a more brilliant chapter for his life.