After long life flower grows bud, feed point nutrient solution quickly, blossom more and more, still can prolong florescence

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After longevity flowers grow bud, quickly feed nutrient solution, bloom more and more, also can prolong longevity flowers blooming we should be very familiar, this flower is very popular, itself is very good, this kind of flower varieties, plant is not very big, you can put on the balcony or windowsill curing, leaf green, even if not flowering,It is also a leaf plant with high ornamental value.Macrobiotic flowers are rich in color, red, pink, yellow and so on. When they are fully blossomed, they look like a beautiful little ball. Many flower friends like to keep several POTS at home.The flowering period of long-lived flowers is super long, so long as proper maintenance is done, except hot summer, other times can blossom, so reasonable maintenance is very important.Many flower friends say that their maintenance of long-lived flowers, long after the bud is difficult to bloom, in fact, if you want to smooth flowering of long-lived flowers, then after the bud, we need to supplement enough nutrients, the plant is full, it can blossom smoothly, the growth will be better and better.And this time is also pay attention to, do not recommend excessive intake of nitrogen fertilizer, it is recommended to use phosphorus potassium fertilizer more flowers.General longevity flowers grow after bud, small make up is often a rush flowers flower fertilizer, promote such as flower of 2, potassium dihydrogen phosphate and so on, this kind of flower soil water diluted by the appropriate proportion, we can be used to water the flowers, usually once a week, after two or three times can be very good help longevity flowers open the bud, but also can effectively prolong flowering.Sufficient nutrients are important in the maintenance of macrobiotic flowers, and if not properly managed, flowering is very difficult.In addition, also need more exposure to the sun, it is best to put in the light of adequate environment for maintenance, there is appropriate astigmatism, the growth of the plant will be better, long-term light is insufficient, the plant will grow in vain, bud is also difficult to open.We need reasonable maintenance macrobian flower watering, watering if too much, also prone to water the plant roots rotted, at the time of the dry air, we can water to increase humidity of the air around the plant, the plant’s growth will be better, also it is important to note that we still have to have suitable temperature curing macrobian flower, temperature above 15 degrees Celsius,With a temperature difference of about 10 degrees Celsius, the growth will be better.Today xiaobian to share with you the maintenance of longevity flower need to understand a few key points, timely supplement urging flower nutrient solution, the growth of the plant is strong, flowering will be more, everyone maintenance of longevity flowers are long how?