640085, alarm number reset

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“I inherited my father’s name and fought for the same job he fought for and I can finally be the guardian of this land with him!”On April 1, Fujian Sanming Youxi County Public Security Bureau chengguan police station Hu Yutian received his father’s police number 640085640085. Hu Xiaowei was the national public security system’s second-class hero and model hu Xiaowei’s police number. In 2013, the then head of Youxi County Yangzhong Police Station, he fell to his post after working overtime and overworked.The departure of her father, an English model, gave Hu Yutian an obsession: “I want to be you when I grow up.” In 2017, Hu Was admitted to the police academy in 2022.She became a policeman in the unit where her father worked before her death. “My father and I have the same police dream, AND I will always move in his direction.”She resolutely apply to more a line post exercise myself then she joined the police law enforcement working teams are done processing of all kinds of industry learn from “master” alert verification, disposal of feedback, the personnel patrol inspection key areas such as Hu Yutian on market conduct propaganda against fraud qingming festival on the eve of this year, sanming public security organization martyrs pay level 2 English onblur XiaoWei ceremony huRain tian review of the people’s police oath she said, want to tell his father “after I grew up, I became you now, I have put on your police do not forget the original heart, and then set out” a police a police life glory police restart, meaning noble people’s public security cause handed down from generation to generation 130285, police restart!”I will regard the police number 130285 as a lifelong honor to inherit the red gene of my father and devote myself to the noble cause of the people’s public security.” March 28, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Dilinur Bahti solemnly swore in front of the people’s police flag on that day,Reactivate Comrade Bahti Chaurbek 130285 Police badge ceremony simple and grand 5 years after the father died his daughter inherited his badge to complete his unfinished mission 110584, police badge reactivate!On March 30, Mo Zhiying, a police officer in Hangzhou, laid a bouquet of flowers on his father’s grave.I still became a police “this year is the 26-year-old MoZhiYing into p MoZhiYing classics applies for in 2016 the first year of sacrifice their father MoYongWei alarm 110584 officially restart” I later will have a good job I hope you can see “sequestration is write restart is passing on wear on the gold seal warning signal for a long time also to shoulder their unfinished mission to salute the people’s police!Source: Ping an Sanming, Fujian Police, Red Star Shield, Hangzhou Daily, new police matter