25, ice dance, the Spring Festival winter Olympics, New Year unusual year

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Ice dance, bean curd grinding, head fu, ice and snow and window dance, Spring Festival and winter Olympics.Today is the 25th day of the 12th lunar month, 8 days before the opening of the Winter Olympics and 4 days before the Spring Festival. 2022 is a special year, when the Spring Festival meets the Winter Olympics, it is bound to be full of vigor.The extraordinary Spring Festival is coming, what customs are there on December 25?According to research, tofu was invented by Liu An, king of Huainan in the Western Han Dynasty.Zhu Xi of the Southern Song Dynasty wrote in his poem “Tofu” : “The seeds of bean beans are thin, exhausted heart has been exhausted, early knowledge of Huainan shu, seated spring cloth.Interestingly, some places still have the custom of eating tofu residue before New Year’s Eve.So why grind tofu?In fact, because the word “fu” has a similar pronunciation with “fu”, grinding tofu means “harvest happiness and good fortune in the New Year”.Nowadays, most people will not grind tofu, but you can eat a bowl of delicious tofu oh ~ (f collection a wave of “f” word, sweep wufu don’t have to worry about ~ (everyone is to have cultured very much oh ~ good cut “f” word and grilles backwards on the Windows or doors, this expression means hope “happiness, blessing” come home.After the legend sent the kitchen God to heaven, to the New Year’s Eve will be welcomed back, during this period of the world no god jurisdiction, no taboos, the folk marry, known as the “disorderly age”.The disorderly year is a specific period of time that people design for themselves to adjust social life.The end of the year, when people have leisure and savings, is a good time for those who would seldom have energy for serious matters.Therefore, people invented this special time folk custom according to the needs of real life.It can be seen that in traditional society, the order of people’s life is regulated by folk custom.In 2022, the Spring Festival and the Winter Olympics will coincide with each other. During the epidemic, safety is even more important for one person and the whole family.You may choose “local Chinese New Year”, but do not regret, local Chinese New Year is for a better reunion, the best reunion is a healthy family.May peace, joy and good luck be with you throughout the New Year.Part of the content from the People’s Daily, Xinhua New audio-visual laboratory produced