Yueqing city to promote the construction of a friendly society for the elderly to build a “happy and healthy Yueqing” brand

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By the end of 2021, the registered population of Yueqing city is 1.32 million, among which the population aged 60 and above is 244,000, accounting for 18.5%. It is expected that by the end of the 14th Five-year Plan period, the elderly population of Yueqing City will reach more than 280,000, accounting for more than 21%. By then, Yueqing city will enter a deep aging society.To actively implement the strategy of population ageing countries, deal with an ageing population brings a series of problems, yueqing municipal party committee municipal government put forward pushing forward the construction of the elderly friendly society with “friendly pension service, friendly health support, friendly environment, friendly friendly social security, social participation” five system construction as the focus, to “happiness the yueqing care”.Each year, one to two towns and 10 village communities will be arranged to create geriatric friendly demonstration towns and streets (communities). In 2022, provincial-level geriatric friendly cities will take the lead.By 2025, China will strive to be included in the national pilot program of aged-friendly cities, and build an aged-friendly society in all areas.The main measures are as follows: First, take the lead in mobilizing and deploying the construction of a geriatric friendly society as the core project of people’s livelihood.On March 9, Yueqing took the lead in the province to hold the mobilization and deployment meeting for the construction of the city’s aged-friendly society, blowing the horn of the construction of the aged-friendly society in Yueqing.The meeting required the construction of an age-friendly society to be the top priority of the city’s work in 2022, carefully build the best practices and yueqing samples of age-friendly city construction, set up leading groups and specialized work classes, specialized work classes to carry out physical office, and promote the construction of an age-friendly society as a whole.Meanwhile, “Implementation Opinions on The Construction of An Age-friendly Society in Yueqing City” and “Task Resolution Table for the Construction of an Age-friendly Society in Yueqing City from 2022 to 2025” have been solicited and will be released in early April.Second, we should focus on “happy retirement” and build a high-quality old-age service system as the tuyere of building an age-friendly society.In January, the Yueqing municipal government issued the task List for the Construction of the City’s Pension Service System in 2022, deploying the elderly friendly social construction work in advance.The document called for further improvement of the home-based care service network, and for high-quality construction and operation of all 514 home-based care centers in villages and communities in the city by 2022.We will provide rural residents with free medical care, free food, and free housing. We will provide rural residents with free medical care, cultural programs, educational teachers, and judicial rights protection. We will improve home-based elderly care services.In terms of the construction of old-age care institutions, we will spare no effort to promote the construction of old-age care institutions in high, middle and low schools, and invest no less than 200 million yuan to build four regional old-age care homes for those in need, so as to realize that all the elderly with disabilities in the city can live in public old-age care institutions free of charge.In terms of the integration of medical care and health care, the city has built and invested two health care complexes. The elderly care institutions in the city have carried out cooperation with medical institutions, implementing door-to-door visits of medical institutions, and subsidizing visits with financial funds.Third, centering on “livable and feasible”, the construction of livable environment for the elderly is taken as the happiness index to test the friendliness of the elderly.Combined with the construction of Yueqing Zuimei County seat and beautiful countryside, we will make every effort to promote barrier-free transformation and improvement of elderly people’s living and traveling, and propose that new public service places without barrier-free facilities shall not be organized for completion acceptance and delivery.We will speed up efforts to make urban infrastructure more suitable for aging, and upgrade 100 percent of existing facilities for public activities, including barrier-free access, parking and parking Spaces.By 2022, all 184 barrier-free facilities in the city to create beautiful villages in the new era will be fully covered, and all elderly families with special difficulties will be fully covered.In the next four years, Yueqing will continue to invest 2 billion yuan to carry out the construction of beautiful countryside, fully considering the transformation of barrier-free aging for the elderly.By 2025, barrier-free facilities will be fully covered in scenic spots, urban main traffic roads, parks, hospitals, food markets and other high-frequency activities places for the elderly, and barrier-free reconstruction will be fully covered in Ziomei County, Beautiful towns, future communities, future villages and old residential areas.Fourthly, strengthen policy guarantee and take the adjustment of supporting policies for elderly care services as the breakthrough of promoting policies for the construction of an age-friendly society.January, yueqing city government issued by the yueqing advance endowment service system for the development of high quality power common prosperity demonstration area county standard construction of the implementation opinions “, the original endowment policies to conduct a comprehensive upgrading, on the basis of the existing bed construction subsidy is proposed for building, rebuilding project by the civil affairs department for the record of pension institutions,For the investment of more than 10 million yuan (excluding land cost), 10% of the investment will be subsidized, with the maximum amount not exceeding 10 million yuan.This policy encourages social forces to invest in the construction of pension institutions to support strength in Wenzhou city first.At the same time, it is innovatively proposed that in addition to the construction subsidy, the medical institutions in old-age care institutions should be given an operation subsidy of 60,000 yuan per year, and the rehabilitation equipment allocation subsidy of less than 50,000 yuan should be given to the rehabilitation rooms in old-age care institutions.In the counties and urban areas of Wenzhou, it took the lead in the implementation of the pension staff entry award and subsidy policy, in accordance with the primary, middle and high-level standards of 3,000 yuan, 5,000 yuan, 8,000 yuan of post subsidies, to encourage professional pension talents to stay in Yueqing work at ease.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com