The opening of the Winter Olympics has boosted the winter Tourism boom in Guangdong

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The 24th Winter Olympic Games opened in Beijing on Thursday, the sixth day of the Spring Festival holiday. Guangdong province is actively exploring tourist hot topics and boosting consumption boom in conjunction with the winter Olympic Games.Guangzhou Yuntai Garden tulip show also plays with ice and snow elements Yangcheng Evening News all media reporter Li Chungan photo local tour, close distance, slow pace of travel is popular with tourists, the tourism enterprises have also launched to welcome the New Year tourism consumption benefit activities, to create a festive atmosphere in Guangdong New Year, reunion.With ice hockey clubs, skating rink and ski resort, the general public in Guangdong can also deeply experience ice and snow sports, explore the charm of ice and snow, feel the new power of ice and snow in the south in winter without snow, and cheer for the Olympic athletes.The window of the World in Shenzhen breaks through the geographical limitation of tropic of Cancer and sets off an ice and snow boom.On the first day of the Winter Olympic Games, Wujiang District of Shaoguan held the online sports and fitness activity of “Charming Wujiang Sports and Health” in the Spring Festival.Lechang held the 16th Guangdong Provincial Games Chess elite tryouts;Nanxiong city held the pearl ancient lane meiguan ancient road scenic spot Guangfu Hometown New Year theme activities;Wengyuan county held cherry blossom, rape, orchid, sanhua plum flower farming cultural activities, promote the enthusiasm of citizens to participate in leisure tourism, physical fitness.In Zhuhai and Maoming, new tourist hotspots of ancient towns and villages, such as Tangjia Ancient Town, Huitong Ancient Village, Doumen Ancient Town, Qianpai Shuanghe Village, Dongzhen Beiliuo Village, have been created. Combined with modern lighting technology design, the clever treatment of light and shadow has been realized to highlight multi-level beauty.Due to the impact of the epidemic, many tourists choose to travel locally, in close proximity and at a slow pace in response to national initiatives.Guangdong cities actively guide cultural and tourism enterprises to change their marketing methods and enrich the forms of cultural and tourism products. In the cold weather, people’s enthusiasm for traveling has been reduced, the tourism enterprises have launched tourism consumption activities to benefit the people in order to create a festive atmosphere of Spring Festival and reunion in Guangdong.Guangdong Cultural Center Alliance launches the digital culture promotion activity of “Guangdong New Year · Tiger Spirit” in 2022. You can experience the rich flavor of The New Year without leaving your home, and let the colorful New Year culture enter people’s life through the Internet.Yangshan county, qingyuan city “cold” in the “warm”, giving full play to the advantages of its own resources, attracted a large number of visitors to experience the high quality of hot spring in the province to watch flowers snow swim, swim, swim winter tourism products, such as which represented by guangdong hot spring resort in the mountain hot spring tour, represented by Yang mei town water spray valley flowers swim ring in point become popular tourism web celebrity.Jiangmen has launched red Tourism for the Spring Festival, linking red tourist attractions, revolutionary Memorial Hall and scenic spots along the Ancient Post Road of Southern Guangdong into a clocking route for the Spring Festival.For example, Zhou Wenyong Chen Tiejun Martyrs’ Cemetery inspires the masses to actively participate in red tourism through the use of modern scientific and technological means, including cloud tour pavilion, intensive reading of party history, online clocking and other ways to spread zhou Wenyong Chen Tiejun story red culture.Zhongshan east street carnival held during the Spring Festival cultural consumption, stick to the traditional festival features, launched “traditional culture + consumption fashion style + innovation + love charity” theme of cultural consumption activities, the blessing spring full “celebrates the New Year, happy garden” “reward intangible, send surprise” and other online multiple activities welcomed by the general public,The number of online and offline participants reached 50,000, and the total exposure of the publicity reached 1 million.In addition, on the morning of February 5, the Provincial Safety Commission organized a video conference on work safety five days before the Spring Festival. The conference called for further strengthening of epidemic prevention and control measures in key cultural and tourism sectors.Second, do a good job in the safety management of scenic spots;Third, strictly implement the emergency plan for scenic spots.According to the guangdong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, the spirit of the meeting will be conveyed to all cities, especially shenzhen, Huizhou, Heyuan, Yunfu and Meizhou, as required by the meeting, and services for epidemic prevention and control, ideology and cultural benefits will continue to be provided during the Spring Festival.Editor: Mu Qing Source: Golden Sheep network