The first affiliated Hospital of Guizhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Shoulder responsibility and do not shrink back to build a health barrier

2022-09-17 0 By

The bell of the 2022 New Year is about to ring. In order to ensure a safe, healthy and peaceful Chinese New Year for the people, all the medical staff of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guizhou University of Chinese Medicine are working together to ensure the safety and health of the people during the Spring Festival.On 27 January, your big member organization YiFuYuan leadership led medical department of traditional Chinese medicine, nursing, hospital management, safeguard section and general affairs section, head of the department within the scope of the floor to conduct the safety check before, respectively for “three addresses both houses” outpatient service, clinical departments, medical department, pharmaceutical preparation, construction sites, transformer room, boiler room, such as area,Strict and meticulous inspections were carried out on the safety of medical assistance, epidemic prevention and control, production and life in key departments and key links.Inspection group everywhere are examined, in view of the clinical diagnosis and treatment, nursing procedures, safe water, electricity, special equipment and fire control facilities and for hemp drug and poison, construction site safety measures, etc, to conduct a comprehensive inspection earnestly, clear responsibility, to carry out the safety rules and regulations implementation, to timely screening of possible safety concerns,Put forward rectification suggestions on the spot for problems found.The inspection process does not miss any link, timely eliminate hidden dangers, eliminate all kinds of accidents, to ensure the safety and orderly work.At the same time, your big YiFuYuan insisted that a new crown epidemic prevention and control of traditional Chinese medicine as a top priority, all work around the hospital epidemic emergency disposal mechanism, prevention and control of hospital feeling, clinical departments to carry out the “one with one with” system, posts, entrance guard management, inspection department process specification, epidemic prevention and control measures to implement strict inspections, and so on and so forth.For epidemic prevention and control, the hospital adheres to the principle of “zero tolerance”, “zero error” and “zero infection”.At the same time, the nucleic acid testing team has been trained repeatedly to ensure that in nucleic acid testing, “two tests and one quick test” (all tests should be carried out, all tests are willing to be carried out and results are produced quickly), so as to ensure that the process from sampling to testing is fast and accurate.The School sense Management Department has organized personal protection training for many times (including business outsourcing personnel and construction project personnel) to ensure that everyone passes the test.Zheng Shuguang, secretary of the Party Committee of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guizhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, asked that everyone should shoulder the responsibility of protecting people’s health. As guardians of people’s health, they should be like soldiers, “sweat more in peacetime and bleed less in wartime”, and constantly improve the medical level and epidemic prevention and control ability.With regard to the current epidemic situation, it is necessary to further strengthen the training of epidemic prevention and control knowledge, earnestly and quickly do a good job in nucleic acid testing and vaccination, thorough and meticulous, and timely and solid prevention and control work, so as to make a good start for the development of the 14th Five-year Hospital.Sun Bo, president of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guiyang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that there should be no negligence in the safety work and epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival. We should always tighten the safety strings, enhance the consciousness and initiative of safety work, constantly improve safety rules and regulations and safety operation norms, build a strong safety barrier and protect the health of the people.Jiang Linge congjun Guizhou Daily Sky Eye news reporter Zhu Mengyi editor Zhou Ting editor Xu Yuanfang