The clinical laboratory of Suzhou High-tech Zone People’s Hospital was approved by ISO15189 International Medical Laboratory certificate

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Recently, in suzhou high-tech zone people’s hospital clinical laboratory received from China’s conformity assessment (CNAS) national approval committee awarded medical laboratory quality and ability, the English version of the a certificate of recognition, suzhou high-tech zone in public secondary hospitals in jiangsu province people’s hospital clinical laboratory become the first through the international medical laboratory quality standards approved by the laboratory.November 19 to 21, 2021, China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) appointed expert group, the Suzhou High-tech Zone People’s Hospital laboratory laboratory for a period of 3 days to “Medical laboratory quality and ability accreditation criteria” (ISO15189) as the standard of medical laboratory accreditation.After the on-site review, the inspection department carried out a two-month rectification in accordance with the rectification suggestions put forward by the expert group. The expert group repeatedly reviewed the rectification, reported to the CNAS Technical Expert Committee to re-evaluate the work of the expert group and the evaluation results, and passed the publicity for more than 20 days.Suzhou High-tech Zone people’s Hospital laboratory in recently formally passed the national accreditation committee of conformity assessment, accreditation certificate.The smoothly through the ISO15189 accreditation review, is the hospital inspection department of the current quality system operation of the full affirmation, marking the hospital has issued an international medical institutions accreditation report, the test results can be in a number of countries thousands of laboratories get mutual recognition;It also marks that the laboratory has possessed the international standard management and technology level, and has stepped into the ranks of international medical laboratories.Said in the agriculture, director of the hospital clinical laboratory, clinical laboratory for CNAS ISO15189 recognition, is the first step towards the standardization of laboratory quality management, clinical laboratory will open a new starting point, under the lead of CNAS, coagulation hearts meet force, effective run and continuous improvement of the guarantee system for patients with clinical and provide a higher level, higher quality of medical test services.(Wang Yufeng)