“The World” is faced with her husband’s infidelity, compared with Qiao Chunyan, Zheng Juan’s way is worth reference

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“The World” is played by Lei Jiayin, Yin Tao, Song Jia, Xin Baiqing, Wang Yang, Zhang Kaili, Huang Xiaolei, Feng Lei in a period of drama.In the drama, the two characters zheng Juan and Qiao Chunyan are loved by many viewers.Zheng Juan is a woman with weak appearance and strong heart, while Qiao Chunyan is a woman with strong appearance and weak heart.Two different personalities, doomed to their different way of life.Therefore, zheng Juan and Qiao Chunyan show the audience two very different ways of dealing with their husband’s infidelity.Compared with Qiao Chunyan, Zheng Juan is a textbook for dealing with her husband’s infidelity.As the series progresses, chow and Cao both make major career breakthroughs.Zhou Bingkun from a small sauce factory sales, into a big hotel boss.And Cao Debao from a workshop director, became a factory director.There is no truth in the saying that men become bad when they are rich.Chow and Cao debao eventually cheated on their wives.However, Zhou bingkun is a spiritual derailment, Cao Debao is a physical derailment.The object of Zhou Bingkun’s derailment is Sun Xiaoning.Zhou Bingkun knows sun Xiaoning has a good impression on him, but pretends to turn a blind eye, and Sun Xiaoning ambiguous.For his part, Zhou bingkun will certainly not abandon Zheng Juan.Why is that he and Sun Xiaoning ambiguous?This is because zhou Bingkun’s vanity is at work, Sun Xiaoning’s worship of him, let Zhou Bingkun feel he has a sense of accomplishment.So, Zhou Bingkun and Sun Xiaoning ogle in the bookstore.However, Zheng Juan had been aware of Zhou Bingkun’s intention.Zheng Juan know to enjoy Zhou Bingkun just enjoy sun Xiaoning for him to bring a sense of achievement, will not divorce themselves.Accordingly, Zheng Juan pointed the spear to Sun Xiaoning, want oneself to be able to let Sun Xiaoning to retreat from difficulties only, the marriage of she and Zhou Bingkun can still be as happy as before.Zheng Juan first said he would give Zhou Bingkun food, don’t let Sun Xiaoning trouble his mother.After the initiative to see Sun Xiaoning bookstore, and said bingkun sun Xiaoning no men and women.Even if Sun Xiaoning is haunting Zhou Bingkun, Zhou Bingkun will not give up on himself.And Zheng Juan also said that even if Sun Xiaoning and Zhou Bingkun go together, Li Suhua will not recognize Sun Xiaoning as daughter-in-law.Zhou bingkun was not aware of zheng Juan’s conversation with Sun Xiaoning.Zheng Juan knows Sun Xiaoning’s love for Zhou Bingkun, just the illusion of love.Sun Xiaoning simply can’t like himself, for Zhou Bingkun, sacrifice their own everything.Finally, In order to save his face, Sun Xiaoning took the initiative to resign from the bookstore.Zheng Juan with soft to beat just practice, not only maintained the dignity of Zhou Bingkun, but also retained their own decency.On the contrary, Qiao Chunyan practice, but with Zheng Juan is very different.Qiao Chunyan heard that Cao Debao and the secretary of the factory had an affair, then make soy sauce factory, eventually led to Cao Debao lost the position of the soy sauce factory.And Cao Debao’s lover took the opportunity to fan the flames, and said he was willing to accompany Cao Debao to endure hardship, hope Cao Debao gave himself a chance.Although Cao Debao and the secretary had skin close, but he never thought of abandoning his wife and son, after all qiao Chunyan took good care of his family.However, Qiao Chunyan make soy sauce factory practice, let Cao Debao lose face.Plus Qiao Chunyan took the opportunity to satirize Cao Debao to eat soft rice, Cao Debao finally had to divorce Qiao Chunyan.Qiao Chunyan looks careless on the surface, the actual heart sensitive.Qiao suffered from depression after her divorce from Cao debao.The same is to deal with her husband’s derailment, Zheng Juan obviously better than Qiao Chunyan, after all, men care about the most is face, no wonder Zhou Bingkun will choose Zheng Juan.