The Sub-center’s Spring Festival cultural activities were wonderful

2022-09-17 0 By

As the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger approaches, Tongzhou District will carry out nearly 20 colorful online and offline cultural activities of “Blessing the City and Celebrating China in spring”, adding more cultural flavor to the celebration of the Chinese New Year.Yesterday, “rhyme hui spring, intangible holidays in canal cultural square has held shake diabolo and vamps soup two experience activity, silk flower production, the Peking Opera painted faces, tongzhou top buzz three experience activity, followed by the citizens of these intangible skill to personally participate in the different cultural experience, make everyone to have a deeper understanding.The year of the tiger lunar New Year with the Beijing games, not only in the district government affairs service center of tongzhou district library and deputy city center armed forces launched “the games are hand in hand Snow dream “2022 Beijing games tour exhibition, also launched online” product traditional classical culture year “series of theme activities, the Spring Festival of 2022 calls on readers together during the lunar New Year clock in reading classics,Share China’s Olympic Theme year.In addition, the library also launched a series of reading books on the theme of the future Winter Olympics, so that readers can have a more three-dimensional understanding of the Winter Olympics and ice and snow sports through reading.At the same time, Rong Ledian town, Rong County Town, Linheli Sub-district and Luyi sub-district have also launched a variety of online and offline cultural activities for the general public to taste folk customs, participate in the traditional Chinese Year and Olympic-themed online competitions, support the Beijing Winter Olympics and celebrate the Cultural Chinese Year.Beijing City Deputy Center newspaper reporter Zhang Li responsible editor Wang Chao