TOP1 in the city!Changsha top junior high school results announced!Half of them are admitted to the top four universities!

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On January 21, Hunan County peicui experimental middle school (long pei) official public number released “Hunan County Peicui 2021 event discipline,” revealed the 2021 high school entrance examination results:The number of references for 2021 junior high school entrance examination is 511, nearly 200 people are enrolled in Changjun Middle School, and more than 50 people are enrolled in yali, The High School attached to Normal University, Changsha No.1 High School and other “three” famous schools. The enrollment (online) proportion of the four famous schools is far ahead in the city’s junior schools.Hunan county peicui a total of 511 people reference, admitted to four famous universities about 250 people, four famous universities acceptance rate of nearly 50%!In addition, Xiangjun Peicui also achieved excellent results in the competition: Zhang Qiyu from Class 1803 was selected to the ISIJ2021 (International School for Informatics “Junior”, ISIJ2021) Chinese team.Our students achieved excellent results in the 2021 CSP-J/S Level 2020 certification in Informatics.There were 19 winners of the first prize of the advanced level, 7 winners of the second prize of the advanced level, 10 winners of the third prize of the advanced level, 29 winners of the first prize of the entry level, 21 winners of the second prize of the entry level and 1 winner of the third prize of the entry level.Among them, improved grade: Zhou Huanyi of junior three ranked first among junior high school students in Hunan province with 360 points.Sun Tiezheng ranked first in Grade one in Hunan province with 200 points.Among the top ten junior high schools in Hunan Province, there are five students in our school, ranking first in the province.Entry level: Students Cheng Kaixuan and Li Bingpei in grade one ranked first in Hunan province with full marks, and they were the only two grade one students in Hunan province with full marks.First day students swept the province’s entry level first five.Diao Zibo, a 13-year-old junior 3 student, has won the alibaba Global Math Competition 2021 as the “youngest person” (only 70 of the more than 50,000 applicants from around the world won).Peicui Experimental Middle School, founded in 1989, is a non-profit private middle school directly under the Municipal Education Bureau. It is the earliest private complete middle school founded in Changsha since the reform and opening up.After 2016, Peicui Experimental Middle School is divided into Changsha Xiangjun Peicui Experimental Middle School (referred to as “Long pei”) and Abbott School.Xiang county peicui is located in tianxin District Changjun middle school headquarters, by the changjun middle school entrusted management.In recent years, Changpei high School has achieved excellent results in the high school entrance examination, with the 6A rate basically above 35%. It is one of the “four private junior high schools” in Changsha, together with Qingyi, Guangyi and Zhongya.