Kanghui: married at the age of 30, dink has no children for 25 years, his parents passed away regretfully, there are tears behind the scenery

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From the first day of our marriage, my wife and I agreed that we would not have children.Form a dink family.For this, we are not less nagging parents.But we never changed dink’s mind.This is kang Hui’s monologue in his autobiography The Average Score.The year 2022 marks the 25th anniversary of Comfort’s marriage to his wife, Liu Yajie, and the 25th anniversary of their choice of DINK.Comfort for the decision, comfort when her mother died once expressed deep regret and regret, in the ritual of the mother, comfort wrote: “more than a decade, mom has less and less to mention the thing want to have grandchildren, as if the heart has unwilling, but powerless, so accept the fact that I chose to dink.But if I had it to do over again, I think I would have given her what she wanted sooner.”But there’s no room for regrets.Sohu news once commented that “Comfort is a typical model of good child’s growth”.No matter when he was a student or when he was working, He was always praised as a “good boy”, smart, diligent, down-to-earth and calm.When he was young, Kang Hui was a good student and class leader in the eyes of his teachers. He was praised in meetings and set a good example for other students to learn from.Kang, 51, was born in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province.Kang Hui grew up in that other family’s child.He took an examination of the city’s fifth, high school results have been the class top several, the college entrance examination results are directly into The Peking University.At that time, Both Kang Hui and his parents believed in learning math, physics and chemistry well and being afraid to travel around the world.Kang hui did well in science and his family expected him to choose this direction. However, he chose broadcasting and hosting as his favorite major for the first time against his family’s wishes and entered communication University of China.The broadcasting classes in the university were boring and boring, requiring repetitive mechanical exercises every day. Kang also had the idea of changing his major, but he soon denied it.He always thought: just a little longer maybe it would be ok.It turned out to be exactly what he wanted.Because of his excellent academic performance in college, he successfully entered CCTV in his graduation year.The next year, he got his own show as host of the international news world Report.At that time, Comfort was not only good at business but also good looking.Subsequently, he served as the commentator for many live reports of the program.Since 2006, Kang Hui began to co-host the news and information program “News Lianbo” with Li Zimeng.In 2008, She participated in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala and performed the poetry recitation program “Warm 2008”.Thanks to solid professional knowledge and accurate pronunciation, Comfort’s career has been going smoothly.Kang was not supposed to get married until he was 30, but everything changed when he met a girl.The girl, Liu Yajie, is Kang Hui’s junior school sister. The two first met on a blind date.When the two met for the first time, they weren’t exactly friendly.But Liu Yajie thought that since the other party is his elder brother, due to etiquette, or should get along well.So Liu yajie chose a gift with Kang Hui after dinner.Afterwards, in order to repay Liu yajie, Kang Hui treated her to an ice cream.At that time, Liu Yajie felt that this man is really too straight.After breaking up and saying goodbye, Kang Hui sees Liu Yajie off to the car. When Liu yajie is ready to say goodbye to Kang Hui, the other party has already left.This looks in ordinary people, this man is really too indissoluble amorous feelings, but Liu Yajie does not think so, she thinks Kang Hui this person is very reliable.Later Liu Yajie also entered the CCTV, the two people meet again, feelings also heated up for a time.”She’s pretty (at least in my opinion), very pure and stubborn (a bit like xiao Long Lady), maybe not as active as most girls nowadays, but she fits me.I think now, I really can’t bear to leave her.I’m not afraid to be laughed at. Indeed, perhaps people in love are a little dizzy.”It shows that Liu yajie is unusual for such a wooden comfort to say such a kind of praise.On New Year’s Day in 2000, kang Hui and Liu Yajie held their wedding ceremony after eight years of dating.The two rented a two-bedroom apartment behind the CCTV news station for easy commutes.In order not to have a long-distance relationship, Liu gave up her job at Nanjing TV station to become a director at Zhengda Variety Show.On their wedding night, two people made a bold decision: not to have children.Not for a while, but all the time.One was that both sides were on the rise in their careers for the sake of future.On the other hand, I want to have free space for two people. I want to be myself freely, and I don’t want to be tied down by children.The idea was so shocking at the time that the old men in the family urged them to have a baby so they wouldn’t regret it later.At that time, the old people of both families believed that the children were still too young, and they would change their minds after a few years.Who knows, the Comfort couple are just too determined.Year after year, there has been no movement of the child, the parents now panic, began to say good or bad remonstrance, but the couple still did not move without heart.Until that year, When he was working, He received a notice of his father’s critical illness. At that time, He could not find a replacement for an important task on the show, so he had to wait for the task to be completed.Before Kanghui could say a few words to his father, his father left.At the funeral, his mother said to him, “We understand that your job does not allow you to be too distracted.When your father was alive, he wanted you to be successful, and now you are.Our only regret right now is that you don’t have kids.After hearing this, Kang Hui cried with shame.But by then the wife was 48 and it was too late to have any more children.One thing after another.One day, Kang Hui was preparing to go to the show at Daxing Airport when he received a text message from his sister: 7:15, mom left!Seven short words left him silent for a long time.But he chose to fulfill this more important mission, kneeling down to his mother at the airport, and then determined to finish his job.It was a great pity that he failed to fulfill his mother’s wish. It was a lifelong pain for him to miss the last time to see his mother.The End mother and Comfort said The last words: you go about your business.In the conversation with Dong Qing, Comfort said: “We want to finish our work well, to be able to fulfill the mission in this position.And give up the time and opportunity to give love and care to your family.So far, I have no answer as to which is the braver choice between fulfilling the mission on this post and giving more love to my family.Many people do not feel tears after hearing.Stick with Dink, work, and regret.This is Comfort’s life. What do you think about it?