Is it worth being arrested for $500?!

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Some people are greedy for small cheap their bank cards sold think “earn” a little bit of money little imagine but cause big trouble to bring him into the abyss of endless……One day, yu Mou peng will go to the end of the work to play stone, two people talk, Yu Mou Peng big spit bitterness, complaining about low income, spending, not rich at hand.Stone mou said: “there is a way, can make money, but also fast, as long as the bank card can provide, a bank card 500 yuan, give the card to the money.”When Yu heard that a bank card could get 500 yuan in return, he felt it was a good source of income and was moved.A few days later, Stone with Yu Mou Peng rush about in Leping city each bank did 3 bank cards.Handed in the card, Yu Mou Peng thought to earn 1,500 yuan to sell the card, but only got 500 yuan, the rest of the 1000 yuan stone is not to give, he was embarrassed to urge, a long time, there is no question about it.After preliminary investigation and judgment, the police of Legang Police Station sorted out the “two cards” and found that the fund flow of the three bank cards under The name of Yu Mou Peng was abnormal, which was suspected of helping information network crime. After deployment, Yu Mou Peng was arrested on January 18, 2022.After checking, yu Mou Peng’s 3 bank cards involve 6 cases of electric fraud, inflow of funds involved more than 260,000 yuan.At present, the suspect Yu Mou Peng has been detained according to law, the case is still in further handling.Source: Le Gang police Station editor: Liu Meiling proofread: Cheng Yaqiong review: Li Guozhong review: Fang Kelin END