How strong will humanity be a hundred years from now?Shake your hand and I’ll tell you

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Hello, good evening everyone!Whether it is film, television, or novels, there is never a lack of human imagination of the future and even many literary and artistic works have appeared in the imagination has become a prediction of the future deep-sea submarine, spacecraft holographic projection, helicopter synchronous satellite, instant communication…In 1964, Isaac Asimov described the future as: “Communication will be visual and audible. You will be able to see each other when you talk on the phone.Satellites hovering in space will allow you to make direct phone calls from anywhere in the world, including weather stations in Antarctica.Computers will be greatly reduced and become the ‘brains’ of robots, and self-driving cars with such’ brains’ are being experimented with.There are unmanned spacecraft that could land on Mars, and manned expeditions are in the works.The world’s population could reach 6.5 billion, and the gap between rich and poor is accelerating.If you don’t tell you that it’s a science fiction writer speak half a century ago you may be completely unaware of what was amazing about these things before the review of the science fiction maybe we will be surprised to find there are many things that seem invincible cool today has become the indispensable to our daily necessities such as the 1970 s science fiction movie captain kirk’s com in handOr fantasy of high-tech items in the “star trek” captain kirk and now this kind of clamshell design has become the elimination of outdated phone style of a few years ago even the seemingly impossible equipment in science fiction has walked into our field of vision such as folding mobile phones, scroll the flexible screen so if let you imagine what the world would be like one hundred years later you will be likeHow to arrange the direction of mankind?Is it to master highly advanced technology to explore the vast expanse of outer space aboard interstellar spacecraft and usher in the era of cosmic colonization?Or is it to exploit the human body’s potential to create so-called “superbrains” and “super soldiers” and genetically engineer life on Earth to evolve again?Or one day in the future, space will burst and alien civilizations will invade. Heat weapons will fail and the only way to defeat alien beings is for humans with special external powers…Tatsuhiro: My friend, your fierce beast, iron rhinoceros, is very nice. Can I touch it?One day the proud girl nodded in doubt.Leaf day touched an ironclad rhinoceros, secretly copied the top defense talent of ironclad rhinoceros.Ye Tian: Friends, let’s make friends.Leaf day stretched out right hand, shake hands with some meng force of genius, secretly copied the other party’s advanced cultivation talent talent, showed the smile like obscene.Ye Tian, who is from 2019 and has traveled 100 years in the future, said that in this era of talent, there is no talent that he cannot replicate.The world’s greatest talent was born.Ye Tian: my journey is the sea of stars!