Guizhou Cen Gong: move out of the poor nest for the poor industry, live and work happily

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Red lanterns are hoisted high to welcome in the New Year.On the eve of the Spring Festival, 2,000 small lanterns, supported by caring enterprises, adorn the daping Tongxin community in Cengong County, Guizhou Province.Under the background of red lanterns, the thick flavor of the New Year filled the corners of the community.Retain the “hometown”, “peace of mind” new home.”The New Year flavor here is even stronger than back home.”Although the sky is drizzling, the cold wind is careless, watching personally participate in the hanging of the beacon lanterns into the festive “Red New Year”, Cheng Wenhao’s joy is overflowing.Live in how to live homesickness, employment road harmony.Doping Tongxin Community is about 5 kilometers away from Cengong county, accommodating a total of 1,948 households in 11 towns and townships and 8,221 people, making it the largest relocation center for migrants in the county.Cheng Wenhao, 25 years old, is a registered household in Xiazhai Village, Kelou Town, Cengong County. His family has four members. His parents work abroad all the year round, and his younger brother is a postgraduate student of Dalian University of Technology.In 2021, after graduating from Harbin University of Commerce majoring in industrial engineering, Thanks to the county’s special employment support policy, Cheng Became a trainee in the community employment and entrepreneurship Service center, responsible for community employment recommendation, employment policy publicity, organizational skills training, community work information mapping, etc.On the “resettlement” and “peace of mind” together, “housing” and “happy industry” good day.Now, Cheng wenhao draws strength from gratitude to forge ahead and bloom his youth in serving the people.”Thanks to the community internship provided by the county Employment Bureau, I can have an employment platform without leaving the community.”Cheng wenhao said that he would be grateful to forge ahead, cherish the development platform, constantly improve their own ability, and strive to do practical things for the community and do good things, as a good “waiter” of the masses.Cheng wenhao’s family originally lived in Xiazhai Village, Kelou Town, Cengong County, which is remote and has a high altitude, making it difficult to travel in winter.Old curtilage housing is also old, daylighting is bad, comfort is low.In 2019, cheng Wenhao and his family moved to The Tongxin Community in Daying, where they lived a happy life of “moving out of their poor nest, living in a warm heart, opening a ‘new way of life’ and having a dream to start”.”In the past, it was very inconvenient to go to cities, work or study in extremely cold weather, and it was also impossible to go home in freezing weather.”Cheng wenhao said with feeling, after the relocation, not only shopping, city, school, medical, work more convenient, the community’s public services, cultural and sports facilities, green environment are very good, the quality of life greatly improved.Move out of the mountains wide world, live and work in peace and happiness.For solving soil couldn’t afford to keep a “party”, in 2016 years, 岑巩 county were moved 18876 poor people, to move the masses “move to draw, to stay down, can obtain employment, guaranteed”, 岑巩 county is focused on the moving mass employment entrepreneurship problems, according to the “post to move” the requirements of “move” in industry, through the “education”, “introduction”Efforts will be made to attract “fresh water for employment” to irrigate the “flowers of prosperity” of relocated people.Cengong County has set up a huge “employment circle” at the door of the resettlement site by building employment assistance workshops, special recruitment, door-to-door job delivery, free skill training, guiding export employment, developing public welfare jobs, flexible employment in the community, and encouraging enterprises in the development zone to give priority to hiring relocated people.A large number of people like Cheng wenhao quietly opened a “new way of living.”At present, the county is easy to move labor families 4040 8577 people stable employment, to achieve the goal of “one family one employment”.(Zhou Yan Chen Kun)