From 24:00 on February 1, a negative nucleic acid test certificate must be obtained within 48 hours from shenzhen

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Notice of Office of Shenzhen COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters (No. 3) was released on February 1.In order to further implement precise and scientific epidemic prevention and control, according to the current epidemic prevention and control situation in Shenzhen, we hereby announce the following measures:It is not necessary for the general public to stay in the deep sea, and if it is necessary to leave the deep sea, they must hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours starting from 24:00 on February 1.Party and government organs at all levels, state-owned enterprises and public institutions, etc., take the lead in implementing the requirements on non-essential matters.Second, strict management of personnel coming to (returning to) Shenzhen.Those who have traveled to or returned to high-risk areas or cities with positive cases in the past 14 days must report to their communities, work units or hotels as soon as possible. Health management measures should be implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations.A Novel Coronavirus nucleic acid test should be carried out within 48 hours of the arrival of migrants from other provinces, and self-health monitoring should be strengthened.3. Strict traffic travel prevention and control.Airports, highways, railways, ports and wharves should implement the prevention and control requirements such as temperature detection, bright code, wearing masks, and strictly prohibiting people with red and yellow code from boarding, and strengthen the guidance of people flow to avoid crowds gathering.Urban public transport, taxis and online taxi hailing have taken strict prevention and control measures, such as wearing masks, ventilation and disinfection, and taking good personal protection measures.4. Strictly controlling gathering activities.The city strictly controlled large-scale meetings, activities, forums, training, performances, exhibitions and sales promotions and other gathering activities. Baoan district and Longgang District suspended large-scale gathering activities.V. Strictly implement the management of medical treatment and drug purchase personnel.Medical institutions should continue to strictly implement the “four essential checks and one inquiry” (health code and travel code, temperature, mask wearing, health declaration card, and epidemiological history and “ten symptoms” of COVID-19) for all patients in pre-screening and triage.General outpatient clinic patients with health code green code.In addition to the green code of health code, nucleic acid sampling is also required for emergency patients and patients in respiratory, ENT, stomatology, endoscopy, etc. (for emergency patients, nucleic acid sampling should be performed after rescue), and there is no need to wait for nucleic acid test results after treatment.Patients in the fever clinic shall not leave until nucleic acid test results are obtained.While doing a good job in protection, priority should be given to the treatment of critically ill patients.Pharmacies should do a good job in the real-name registration and report of those who buy “37+3” drugs (medical equipment);Drug purchasers should carry out nucleic acid testing within 24 hours with nucleic acid testing sampling records when purchasing “37+3” class drugs or carry out nucleic acid testing within 24 hours after purchasing drugs.6. Strengthen prevention and control in key places.All kinds of public places in the city strictly implement temperature detection, lighting code, wearing masks and other prevention and control measures, scenic spots, catering units, indoor public places, closed places implement limits, reservations, peak shifting requirements, the number of consumers should not exceed 50% of the maximum carrying capacity, and strictly control the instantaneous flow.7. Cooperate with nucleic acid test.Relevant risk personnel should actively cooperate in nucleic acid testing to ensure that all tests should be carried out and the on-site order of sampling and testing points should be observed.Viii. Enterprises receiving international cargoes and express mails shall fulfill their main responsibilities, strengthen disinfection and health management of employees, and all personnel who are engaged in contact with international cargoes and express mails shall strictly wear masks, gloves and other personal protective measures, and take nucleic acid test of “seven days and two tests” regularly.9. In accordance with the principle of “receive as much as possible”, eligible people should be vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible without contraindications, and build an immune barrier together.10. Take strict personal protection, avoid gathering, wear masks, wash hands frequently, clean frequently, use chopsticks and other good living habits.If you have any uncomfortable symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, loss of smell, etc., see a doctor at the nearest place immediately. Wear a mask during the whole journey and avoid taking public transportation.The circular will come into force as of the date of promulgation. In case of any discrepancy between the Circular and the Circular issued by office of Shenzhen COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters (No. 2) on January 28, the circular shall prevail.The above prevention and control measures will be dynamically adjusted according to the progress of the epidemic and the needs of prevention and control.Source | yangcheng evening news · Yang cheng sent coordinating editor | Zhu Jiale