A group of Tibetan women militiamen cry to go to the front before the counter-attack against India in 1962

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Himalaya War Yang Xinghuo click enter: chapter 1 frontier gunfire chapter 2: front command click enter: section 7, the private car blocking click enter: Section 8: Deep forest click enter: Section 9: Forest command post click enter: section 10:I came out of Commander Zhang’s tent and walked toward the field of black yak tents on the hillside.Around the tent, are dotted with horses, yaks, donkeys, like colorful flowers, blooming on the green grass, border herdsmen?Or the horsemen?There is a big tent, black tent edge, a circle of white, eye-catching.I walked at a leisurely pace.The tent was crowded with young Tibetan girls. A Tibetan female cadre in her thirties, with her back to the tent door, was telling the girls something.I was just about to step into the tent when a burst of crying broke out!The cries grew louder and more touching!As if they had been grievously wronged!”What are you crying about?Crying won’t let you go!””Roared the female cadre.”We’ll cry ourselves to death in front of you if you don’t let us carry stretchers!”A stout girl was crying and Shouting.”Zimme Zhuoma!You’re a communist. Take the lead in obeying your superiors!Don’t let the female on the front stretcher, is the concern of the superior leadership to you!”The female cadre glares at Qimei Zhuoma and patiently explains to the girls.Zimi Zhuoma wiped her tears, rolled her big watery eyes and argued, “What’s wrong with the woman?Chairman MAO said, times are different now, men and women are the same.Why can’t women carry stretchers at the front?Chairman MAO is the superior of the superior. Do you captain Zhuoga listen to Chairman MAO?”The girls laughed and laughed with tears!Some rolled on the cushions!Still have side cry, side laugh, side call, side roll, like a group of wild donkeys……The female cadre turned round, spread out his arms, made a helpless attitude, a buttock sitting on the ground!”ZhuoGa!”Surprised and delighted, I threw my arms around Drogga’s neck, bowed my head and cried: “My good Drogga, are you at the front too?Captain of the bridge girls! ‘”No, she is our bailang county branch former civil workers team leader!”Zimi Zhuoma was right in the middle.”I can’t be a captain if you go on like this!What a bunch of girls! They insist on carrying stretchers at the front!However, Shan Zeng, the chief of the group engineering section of unit 419, said, “To protect women, we should not let them carry stretchers on the battlefield.”Droga seemed to talk to me as well as to complain.Zimmetzoma looked at the three stars and the bar on my lapel, and said to the girls in surprise, “Ah, tut!You see, she is the commander of the company, the commander of the Niang army company!The company commander!You go and tell the man named Shan Zeng, “We are told to carry a stretcher at the front, and we will go resolutely!If we are not asked to carry stretchers at the front, we will go.”The girls laughed and clapped!Zyme Droma was even more proud. She pulled a braid from behind her back to her chest and tucked it into her mouth, biting hard.This posture, I do not know from which movie on the heroine there to learn.Her dark eyes were round, and her long lashes rose and fluttered.She shook her fist. “You tell that Danzin we’re going to run into his tent and cry ourselves to death in front of him!He’ll get a big rap then!Isn’t that right, female commander?”The girls began laughing again, Shouting and roughing and rolling on the cushions.”Why are you playing wild?He’s not a company commander, he’s a poet!”Drogga roared in anger and amusement.”A poet?Who is a poet?What is it?”‘the girls asked one another.”Whether she is a wet person or a dry person, or whether she is a golden pearl, she can reflect the strong demand of our masses to Dan Increase, right?””SHH!”(Great) The tent full of Tibetan girls cheer and fight again!I really admire these Tibetan girls.I whispered in Zhuoga’s ear, “Let’s go to Danzeng and ask for a favor. We can organize a team of 12 women to carry stretchers. Why not choose 12 capable girls to carry stretchers at the front?”Even though MY voice was low, the girls seemed to hear me, smiling and looking imploringly at Joga.Zhuoga thought for a while and blinked her eyes. “If we don’t make any noise and go back to our tents quietly, spark and I will go to Shan Zeng and express your opinions.If you cry again, I will leave you!”The tent went quiet.In an instant, the tent was full of girls flying like birds.The girl, Zimi Zhuoma, was singing a folk song as she walked: The clouds in the sky are softer than wool. I will cut them and weave them into a garment for the frontier soldiers to keep out the cold.Sheep on the mountain, you know how I feel, how GRATEFUL I am to the Communist Party, how I will support the frontier…I quickly took out my pen and jot down the folk songs in the interview book. I felt that I had picked another bunch of yellow rhododendrons of the soul.Yellow azalea big big yellow azalea flowers full that diagonal azalea forest, I and Zhuoga walk in the flowers, suddenly remembered the famous poem “battlefield yellow flowers especially fragrant!”I think Zhuoga is a yellow rhododendron, Lin Shanshan is a yellow rhododendron, Dan Zeng is a yellow rhododendron, Gesang is a yellow rhododendron.There is the private Liao Jinwa of the car, and love to cry love to laugh love to say Qimei Zhuoma, also a beautiful yellow azalea.Ah, that lurks in the jungle tens of thousands of border defense army officers and men are not snow mountain border defense battlefield yellow flowers?In the tents of the engineering department, there are several Young Menba people.Single increase is giving them a class, about our army’s three disciplines eight attention.They were interpreters who had just joined the army.It is said that there are many Monbas living on the other side of the Indian war zone who speak a different language from the Tibetan people.When we go there to publicize to the masses, we should first translate Chinese into Tibetan, and then into Monba.Pre-training of Monba interpreters becomes a matter of urgency.At a bad time, Droga and I turned to leave.”Just a moment, I’ll finish the class.”Shanzhen waved to us.The Menba youth looked curiously at me and Zhuoga, whispered something, and hurried out of the tent.Shan Zeng happily poured butter tea for us and asked Zhuoga in Tibetan, “What’s the matter?”Zhuoga told zimi Zhuoma what they wanted.Single increase happy and embarrassed, bowed his head to think.”Let them go to the front!I was a little excited. “Who says women can’t fight?Isn’t your amma a heroine in the War against the British in Gyantse?”His shoulders gave a jerk.My words obviously touched his heart.He lit his cigarette, took a puff, and whispered: “Tell you what, give them two stretchers, five to carry one, and ten to go.You can take turns.Of course, they are only preparatory team members, go to the front line to exercise exercise can, generally do not want them to carry a stretcher.Okay?Zhuoga laughed and said, “Zimi Zhuoma’s girls are going to the front. If you don’t ask them to carry stretchers, they won’t make a scene for you. You’ll see!”Oh yeah!Single increase pretended to be surprised, spit out the tongue: “at that time to see your captain!To carry the stretcher and keep the girls safe!Zhuoga threw his hands out in a helpless gesture and shook his head.Looking at these two vivid expressions, I couldn’t help laughing.I winked shrewdly at Droga and turned toward the forest path.Take danzin and Zhuoga in the tent.They looked at each other in silence.Zhuoga raised his eyes and looked at Shan Zeng carefully. The third button on the front of the uniform was sewn with white thread.32 years old man, no woman to take care of, how lonely life!The cheeks, which had been smooth and rosy, now grew a slight ring of beard.Only that pair of big and bright eyes, or so pure, so affectionate.”Single increase, Lin Shan shan in the front finger, did you go to see her?””Can I not see her?Every time I go on a business trip, I bring her a bunch of azaleas.She loves the golden azaleas.””Oh, very good.”Zhuoga said happily, “Dan zeng, I see, Lin Shanshan is a good girl…””Yeah, it’s fine…”Shan Zeng murmured.”Janzen, do you like her?”Droga looked at him affectionately.Shan Zeng blushed, shook his head and said, “Where are you talking about?She is a martyr’s lover, and I love her as MUCH as I love Lao Du who died defending the Tibetan border…””Can adoration not be transformed into love?”Zhuoga looked at Shan Zeng tenderly and said, “I can’t keep watching you live a single life, and I can’t bear to look at Lin Shanshan’s hazy and sad eyes.I think you two are made for each other…””Don’t say that, I beg you, don’t mention it again…”Shan Zeng suddenly stood up and turned around at a loss: “By the way, what else do you have?I must go to my superiors and tell them about Zyme Zhuoma and her.”Single increase hurriedly “escape” away.Zhuoga sighed deeply and turned back toward the camp.Turning around a rock, Droga found a long line of people coming toward him.There are soldiers, there are migrant workers, their backs bend, difficult to carry the ammunition box, slowly walked to the deep forest.In the long queue, she spotted her husband Gesang at a glance.She ran over and grabbed the casket from Gesang’s back, carrying it and walking beside him.”Good company commander, you also carry shells like the soldiers!””A company commander!You see, that old commander is the deputy commander of the district!With a cannon ball on his back!”Gesang pointed to a forty-something soldier behind him.Gee!Zhuoga exclaimed. “Ready?””Drogga whispered.” Almost. All the shells are ready.””You, you must win the battle and come back early…”Zhuoga’s voice trembled, and her eyes gleamed with hope and fear.Gesang reached out and patted his wife on the shoulder. “Don’t worry.This time we are making a roundabout attack, mainly climbing the snow-capped mountains and crossing the frozen lakes to block the enemy’s retreat…””How hard and dangerous it was!””I have been a bearer for more than ten years. What hardship have I not experienced, what dangerous road have I not crossed?”Gesang kissed the curly hair on his wife’s neck excitedly and quickly. “Zhuoga, you wait for my good news…”Nimbly he took the casket from Drogga’s back and set off after his company.With tears in her eyes, Zhuga waved gently to her husband as she stood under a tree full of yellow azaleas.On October 14, 1962, officers and fighters of the Tibetan border troops carried ammunition on their shoulders in Cuona County.Photography | LanZhi lies close to the forest on a hill, and I am a warrior competing to carry BaoDanXiang.”Liao Jinwa!You have only been out of the hospital for a few days. Let me help you walk a part of the way.”I grabbed the casket with both hands and dragged it towards me.”I will!”Liao Jinwa was clinging to the ammunition box: “You don’t give me to fight, carry shells without you.Will you do something for me?””What is it?”If I am honored this time, you send this letter to Mama Huang for me.”Liao Jinwa took out a letter from her pocket, which read Zhongjiang County, Sichuan Province, Jiguang township, Mother Huang.I took the letter and put it into the bag, patting Liao Jinwa’s shoulder like a big sister to her brother: “You will not be honored, oh, no, no, you will get another kind of honor.For example, being a hero?”The sharp knife “may have both!”Liao Jinwa eyes flashing strange light.”Our regiment is the main attack regiment, our company is the sharp knife company, our class is the assault squad!”Listening to Liao Jinwa’s words, I can not help but be surprised!How could this eighteen – year – old soldier think so thrilling?Why did the letter to Huang’s mother have to be sent after his death?I wanted to ask, but I was afraid to.Not to touch his young, thoughtful nerves…Liao Jinwa gave me a military salute, took up the ammunition box, and then disappeared into the dense jungle ahead.I said to myself, Oh, I hope I don’t send this letter.No, no…About the author: Yang Xinghuo was born in Weiyuan County, Sichuan Province.Born in 1925.Graduated from department of Chemical Engineering, National Central University.He joined the People’s Liberation Army in May 1949.In 1951, he entered Tibet with the 18th Army.He participated in the construction of sichuan-Tibet highway, quelling the rebellion and democratic reform in Tibet, self-defence and counter-attack in the China-India border area, and border defense construction.He worked in Tibet for 20 years.Member of Chinese Writers Association.Army poet.This article was compiled by Xuesong and Huaying Huang.By Xuesong