The highest drop of nearly 65%, only one rose against the market, 101 photovoltaic concept stocks fell in the range of rankings

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Before a round of “kill valuation” market, photovoltaic stocks can not be said not tragic.According to the statistics of “grassroots PHOTOVOLTAIC” on the range of decline of 101 photovoltaic related listed companies, there are four photovoltaic related listed companies fell more than 60%, respectively, CNC, Jinchen, Shangneng Electric and Jiejia Weichuang, down 64.81%, 62.74%, 62.37% and 61.12%.There are 5 companies with the highest decline of more than 50% in the range, which are Hesheng Silicon, Dico, Nanbo A, Amaton and Zhongxinbo, which fell by 59.58%, 55.24%, 52%, 50.67% and 50.55% respectively.Interval the highest drop 40% to 17, yu jing shares respectively, of energy, microtek technology, igor, can fai technology, flag shore group, Oriental nison, Beijing express, easy, golden concord integration, show strong stake, suzhou solid technetium, crystal technology, jingshan light machine, icahn, access gateway shares and the new material, etc.Range decline in more than 30% of the highest can easily into new smile, science and technology, jin jing science and technology, Wallace for the stake, Rio nissin, trillion new shares, Jin Kaixin can, roth, Kang Yue science and technology, change especially electrician, * ST the lion, “wu technology, and electrical, new energy, the sun from yoga, power supply, * ST colin, zhejiang new energy, solid, and core data, progress of science and technology, solar energy, kimballShares, ancai high-tech, kewell, sea composites, leaf was at stake, jia ze, new energy, yingjie electric, linyang energy, jin sea science and technology, radical stock shares, beauty chang, longji, foster, kaisheng technology, double liang energy-saving, hengdian east magnetic, variety shares, Ming crown new materials, jiangsu sunshine, vibration, star ShuaiEr and love xu jiang shares stake.Range decline in more than 20% of the listed company has hundred million crystal photoelectric, MingYang intelligence, the forerunner in the intelligence, the group, Mr Ottaway, Beijing branch sharp, high stakes, yili can clean, kyrgyzstan electricity shares, Sue beauty, chint electric appliance, * ST’s source, the British witten, bo alloy, trina solar, central stake, Orient: laser, blue sky, the three gorges energy and * ST Draco.There are 10 listed companies with a decline of more than 10% and less than 20%, including Hemay, Folite, Aerospace Mechatronics, Lucai Film, Sanchao New Material, Daile New Material, Hutian New Material, JA Australia Technology, Teer Laser and Jinkosolar.Against the market to pull up the photovoltaic concept stocks have 1, for Wo Wang Electric, the unit once hit a new high in recent days.Previously, in 2022 photovoltaic ten forecast – 2022 photovoltaic stock adjustment, the author judged that in this round of adjustment of the second and third line stocks did not drop about 50%, leading stocks did not retreat 30%, not to mention the adjustment in place.So is this correction over?Now, it is difficult to judge, the general bottom is not falling out, but out of the ground, so the bottom of the photovoltaic unit also need to explore first, after grinding, to establish.However, during the Spring Festival, Hong Kong stocks rose more than 700 points A day, also let the market after the festival A shares, photovoltaic stocks correction rebound in return for hope.(Grassroots PHOTOVOLTAIC)