The country has twice fought the Chinese military and is now friendly to China, importing large quantities of Chinese weapons

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As the saying goes, no fight no deal.Once enemies can become today’s friends. China can build a relationship of mutual respect and equality with any country that is willing to be friendly to China. Thailand is the best example.Thailand has quite good relations with China. It has imported advanced weapons such as main battle tanks and frigates from China and will buy more military equipment from China in the future. The Chinese and Thai militaries have conducted many joint training and exercises and are very open to each other.What many people don’t know is that the Thai army has twice faced the Chinese military in less than a decade in the middle of the last century, which can be regarded as a true enemy country.The two sides certainly did not expect that China and Thailand would come so close today.How did the Thai army fight the Chinese army twice?It is interesting to say that the Thai army and the KMT and CCP both fought each time, and the results were worse and worse.The first time was in 1943, when The Thai army invaded China’s Yunnan province and was beaten head-on by Chinese government troops.Originally, Thailand had no border with China, let alone any territorial disputes, but after the Outbreak of the Pacific War, the Thai military government took refuge with The Fascist Japan, and the Thai army occupied a part of the northern territory of Burma, so as to force its troops to the Chinese border.The ambitious military government made territorial claims on China and even sent armored troops to invade Chinese territory, which was trounced by the Kuomintang army.The Kuomintang army may have been a little weak against the Japanese, but the Thai army was a piece of cake. The beaten Thai army had no choice but to retreat from China in disgrace.In 1951, Thailand, as a member of the “United Nations Forces”, sent a regiment of troops, but only one army battalion, about 1,000 people, as well as some warships and aircraft, actually joined the Korean war.In October 51, a Company of the Thai army was ordered to defend the 190.8 heights west of Tieyuan and fought several battles face to face with volunteers.In fact, the Thai army was also unlucky. At that time, the volunteer army was no longer millet plus rifles, but used tanks to coordinate the infantry attack, greatly improving the attack ability.The Thai army was no match. The fortified company lasted only 25 minutes and was wiped out.The Thai army also sent a tank company of nine tanks to support its infantry operations, according to the volunteers’ records.A tank platoon of the volunteer army lashed out and attacked so violently that the Thai tankers hurriedly left their tanks and fled. Our army captured the 9 tanks, among which 5 were not hurt at all, which shows how weak the Fighting will of the Thai tankers is.After that, the Thai army went to the battlefield several times, and each time they were beaten badly by volunteers.After the war, the Thai army lost 1,273 men, more than the first battalion that arrived in Korea. It was a painful realization for the Thai army to learn that volunteers were more powerful than kuomintang troops.Since then, Thailand has been honest, when the younger brother of others can, but with China hard resistance no longer accompany.From this point of view, today’s China-Thailand relations are really fought out. Why are they fighting and killing each other? It’s good to do business together.