Six games to look forward to tonight!Prime time 18 o ‘clock kick-off, CCTV5 live national football team against Vietnam

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Beijing time on February 1, is the first day of the New Year, tonight will usher in a football night, the Asian 12 strong match of the 8th round will start on time, evening golden time 18 o ‘clock is the Japanese team and Saudi Team dialogue, 20 o ‘clock is the Chinese team visiting Vietnam team “honor of the war”, the other 4 games will follow.CCTV CCTV5 will focus on live China visiting Vietnam team, impact 12 strong match the second victory!Asia’s top two teams will face Group B No. 1 Saudi Arabia at the Saitama World Cup stadium at 18 p.m.In the first seven rounds of the round of 12, the development trend of the two teams is different. Saudi Arabia, with the help of multiple home games in the opening, has a winning streak to put them at the top, while Japan, after losing to Oman in the opening, has a momentum of low start and high after successive victories over Australia and China.The momentum and strength of the two teams are very similar. Saudi Arabia beat Japan 1-0 in the first leg, which has a certain psychological advantage, and Saudi Arabia scored more goals than Japan. Their strikers are actually better than Japan, so it is not easy for Japan to win this match.After the 2-0 loss to Japan, Korean soccer fans will want to see how a strong Asian team plays Japan.At 20 o ‘clock in the evening, The Chinese team will visit the Vietnam team, which is the battle of the bottom 2 teams, both teams have been eliminated, this is actually a “battle of honor.”China still has five points to go, while Vietnam, which has reached the round of 12 for the first time, has no points at all.The first round of the Chinese team 3-2 win over Vietnam team, lei’s goal is to help the team win, the second leg believe lei will also is the key to the game, also naturalized players Alan and national wealth can play, can enhance the strength, by contrast, Vietnam team players for the infection of the new champions league can’t play, certainly affected, football is to rely on the strength of,Believe whole stronger China team can defeat Vietnam team smoothly.Meanwhile, Lebanon also hosts Iraq in Group A at 20:00, with the two teams in fourth and fifth place separated by only one point.In this group, Iran and South Korea are superior and the other teams have to compete for the third place play-off. Lebanon and Iraq will have a chance regardless of who wins. Otherwise, they will be eliminated early.The game is likely to be a draw because of the equal strength and form of the two teams.South Korea, second in Group A, will take on Syria, which is bottom of the group, at 22 p.m., to advance to the World Cup finals along with Iran.The strength gap between the two teams is very big, Syria in the first 7 rounds unexpectedly a win is difficult to ask, this game is optimistic that Korea easily win.At 22.30, group A leaders Iran host third-placed United Arab Emirates, who have A strong chance of qualifying for the play-offs after their last round victory over Iraq.Iran, who have already qualified for this match, may relax their mentality and even send a substitute team to play, and then the UNITED Arab Emirates will have a chance to at least draw this game.Oman, number four in Group B, host Number three Australia at 0:00 and, despite a seven-point gap between the two sides, will not give up their chances of a comeback.Australia are very strong and they beat Vietnam 4-0 in the last round, but it’s not good to see them playing away from home. Oman are not underdogs and Australia will be challenged and it won’t be easy to win.How specific, let us wait and see!