Pudong Primary School in Hualong district held the moral education work meeting and training meeting for homeroom teachers in spring semester

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“A group of geese fly leading wild goose belt”, the teacher in charge is the specific organizers and implementers of school education and teaching work coordinator, is the spiritual leader of class, in order to further strengthen the school head teacher team construction, to cultivate a adapt the time request, the high quality and professional teacher team, improving the actual effect of moral education, accelerate the development of the school.On February 18th, Pudong Primary School held the “2022 Spring Semester Moral Education Work Meeting and Training for Homeroom teachers”.Hai-yan ding, vice President for the purpose of this term the moral education work, put forward the “1234” the cultivation of student behavior, emphasize the teacher in charge in class management, the moment model demonstration consciousness, become a concerned for the teacher in charge, realize the refinement, standardization, scientific, innovative management class’s and grade’s goal, attaches great importance to the daily management,Do a good job of inspection, supervision, implementation, but also to form their own class cultural characteristics, cultural brand.Director Liu Jianping and teacher Li Xiaojing shared their work experience as head teachers. He emphasized that the core of class management should strengthen students’ self-management from three aspects of system, organization and skills, so as to promote the formation of good class style and style of study.Make it clear that the focus of the new semester is to strengthen the students’ daily behavior standard education, from the students’ attendance, appearance, standard do “two exercises”, class style study style construction and other aspects of detailed explanation.All the class meeting, to promote the teacher in charge’s responsibility consciousness, to strengthen the organization and management ability, fully arouse the enthusiasm of the head teacher self development, improves the teacher in charge’s ideological awareness, to cultivate a group of outstanding teacher in charge has laid a solid foundation, make the teacher in charge to its own unique management style as a starting point, combining with the new scientific management methods,Strive to find thousands of ways, only to embark on a new journey, love to create a characteristic class teacher management team!Contributions: Han Zhenfeng, Ma Peiyu, Zhou Keji, Wang Xuekang, GUO Songda, Hu Changchuan, Zhang Huaiwei, Wang Chen