New Year’s Day customs, Hubei culture travel dinner to pass the thick flavor of the New Year

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Yangtze River Daily wuhan client on February 2 (reporter Zou Zhuoran correspondent e Wen trip) yesterday is the lunar Year of Ren Yinhu on the first day of the New Year, people have to go out of the house to visit relatives and friends, the surrounding parent-child tour heating up, cultural tour, ski tour, folk customs, hot spring tour, flower tour and other tourism products favored by tourists.Our province culture and tourism market is rich in product supply, orderly and civilized.During the Spring Festival this year, reading books in libraries, visiting cultural relics in museums, and seeing art exhibitions in art galleries have become the first choice for families and families to travel and become the New Year customs to celebrate the Spring Festival.The provincial library will present “Yangtze River Forum” to readers on that day.Provincial Museum.On the first day of the first lunar month, the provincial library gave readers “Yangtze River Forum” as a gift. A group of young readers and their parents swam in the sea of books together, enriching their holiday life with knowledge.Provincial museum visitors, appreciate cultural relics, see the exhibition, feel the unique charm of Jingchu culture.Hubei Art Museum has prepared a “Tiger with Wings” woodcut calendar as a New Year gift for visitors, and exhibitions such as “Youth Spirit — 2021 Triennial of Chinese Industrial Prints” have attracted many art lovers to punch in the New Year.Xianning city carries out ten series of activities to welcome the Spring Festival, including “Visit Xianning to see national treasures and spend the Spring Festival in hot springs”, to enrich the cultural life of the masses during the Spring Festival and create a festive and peaceful cultural atmosphere.Various activities with rich contents and various forms have brought a series of cultural feasts with the theme of the Spring Festival to the people of our province.In traditional Chinese culture, the tiger is the king of the mountains, a symbol of vitality and glory. From these well-known idioms, we can know people’s love for the tiger.What are the tiger Spring Festival activities in the major scenic areas of Hubei?Take a look.Wuhan Yellow Crane Tower Park carefully prepared a dragon and lion dance performance, “gather blessings guess lantern riddles”, “expand blessings spell poetry” and other folk activities.Xiangyang Tang City Scenic area launched the script killing of “Golden Tang City · Shangyuan Festival”, the god of Wealth sent red envelopes in the Year of tiger, the theme of “My Xiangyang, My Year” market activity, ten thousand national Tang style intangible cultural heritage lanterns, 5-meter-high giant tang Dynasty mural — Ladies in tang Palace, 210 meters of tang Dynasty blessing carpet and other wonderful shows.Xingshan Zhaojun Village scenic spot held lion dance, iron flower, acrobatic performance, lantern appreciation, night tour, folk repertoire exhibition and other activities, full of flavor of the New Year.Yingshan Four Seasons Hua Hai Hua Le Tang Hot Spring and Hongguang Bi Sheng Hot Spring Resort attract many tourists around to clock in, driving the craze of parent-child tour, leisure tour and sightseeing tour.The Spring Festival activities of Mianyang Town in Xiantao City officially opened today, with folk tourism Festival, circus carnival, temple fair and other activities staged in turn.Qianjiang Ecological Lobster City Hot Spring Water World has launched a New Year’s membership card, becoming a destination for tourists to enjoy lobster food and relax.For more exciting content, please download the “Big Wuhan” client in each major application market.