“Dream,” directed by Lee Byung-hun, began overseas shooting in March.Park Seo-jun and IU went abroad

2022-09-16 0 By

“Dream,” a movie directed by Lee Byung-hun, will start overseas shooting in March.According to an interview on Monday, the crew of Dream will start overseas filming in Europe in March.Last year, “Dream” was considered shooting overseas, but was postponed due to the aftermath of COVID-19 and actors’ schedules.Dream is a delightful drama about soccer players who are in the biggest crisis in their lives and national team players who catch the ball for the first time in their lives.Overseas locations were needed because there was no home World Cup.”Dream” is a happy drama about soccer players who are in the midst of the biggest crisis in their lives and the Homeless World Cup, a special Korean national team player who has played soccer for the first time in his life.Overseas locations were needed to portray the Homeless World Cup.”Dream,” which began shooting in May, ended shooting in late August and November.The rest are just overseas locations.Director Lee recently flew to Europe and visited the shooting site.Dream will feature Park Seo-jun, Lee Ji-eun (IU), Kim Jong-soo, Goh Chang-seok, Jeong Seung-gil, Lee Hyun-woo, Yang Hyun-min, Hong Wan-pyo and Huh Joon-seok.As a result, the Dream crew will leave for Europe in March to shoot overseas.